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Tribal Communities

Native American Grandmother and grandchildren at dawn. Picture from US Dept of Justice.
Contains resource links to Native American organizations, planning tools, funding programs, federal, state and local contacts.

National Congress of American Indians.

Non-profit advocacy organization whose purpose is to “serve as a forum for unified policy development among tribal governments in order to: (1) protect and advance tribal governance and treaty rights; (2) promote the economic development and health and welfare in Indian and Alaska Native communities; and (3) educate the public toward a better understanding of Indian and Alaska Native tribes.” (About)

National Library of Medicine. MedlinePlus. 

Consumer health information, statistics, clinical trials, research and more resources to help users find information on health issues that affect American Indians and Alaska Natives.

American Indian College Fund.

Charitable organization providing scholarship, programming, and support to improve Native American student access to higher education.

American Indian Higher Education Consortium.

Represents the thirty-four Tribal Colleges, most of which received land-grant status in 1994. Addresses issues of funding, leadership, development, and research in support of Native American higher education.