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Index to the Manuscript Collections--Search Results

10 record(s) found

Collection Number: 284
Collection Name: Beef Cattle Photograph Collection
Earliest Date: 1908
Latest Date: 1977
Linear Feet: 1.25
Collection Description: The Beef Cattle Photograph Collection consists of various breeds of beef cattle from different geographical regions including Beltsville, Maryland. Photographs are filed by breed, subject, activity, or place.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 374
Collection Name: Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) Symposia Records
Earliest Date: 1987
Latest Date: 1993
Bulk Dates: 1987-1993
Linear Feet: 0.5
Collection Description: The Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) Symposia records are Friends of the Agricultural Research - Beltsville (FAR-B) files on the Beltsville Symposia starting in 1987 through 1993 (BARC Symposia XII-XXIV). There are programs, committee membership information, speaker and attendee materials, and bills and receipts with some explanatory letters. The materials were retained by Francis (Frank) Longen, the first and longest serving Treasurer of FAR-B.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Friends of the Agricultural Research-Beltsville (FAR-B) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the research, educational, and outreach programs at the Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC). Its members include USDA alumni as well as individuals or groups from academia, industry, government, BARC employees and the general public. BARC is among the prominent USDA locations and is the research arm of the United States Department of Agriculture. It has an international reputation for its cutting-edge research in just about every scientific area and discipline.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 360
Collection Name: Beltsville Area Modernization Study Records
Earliest Date: 1914
Latest Date: 1997
Bulk Dates: 1930-1960
Linear Feet: 12
Collection Description: The Beltsville Area Modernization Study Records contain materials collected by Robinson & Associates, Inc., a company that was hired by the Beltsville Area Research Center (BARC) to conduct a modernization study. The records include historical newspaper clippings, journal articles, USDA and government agency memos and correspondence, photographs and negatives, floorplans, maps, and blueprints. The main subject of all materials is BARC buildings and land development. The study evaluated all BARC buildings and produced an extensive report outlining their findings.
Formats: Maps; Photographs; Reprints
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 447
Collection Name: Beltsville Cattle Reproduction Photographs
Earliest Date: 1926
Latest Date: 1938
Bulk Dates: 1930-1931
Linear Feet: 1
Collection Description: The collection consists of a photograph album of approximately 100 black and white photographs showing cattle reproductive issues such as artificial insemination, anatomy, and pathology. Photographs are primarily taken in Beltsville or at another USDA location; some are labeled. The cover carries the title of "Beltsville Bulls." It looks as if an attempt was made to erase the word "Bulls." The album contains photographs of both bulls and cows. Location of some of the photographs can be identified as BARC EAST (e.g. "Beltsville Calf Barn" and "Bull Exerciser at Beltsville, Maryland."). Some photographs are from microscope images.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: This album was found in Building 200 of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. It was transferred to the National Agricultural Library in 2011 by H. David (Dave) Guthrie of the Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology Laboratory. Some of the photographs are labeled, most are not, except with a number. There is no text in the album concerning the history or purpose of the album, but in general the photographs represent cattle reproduction activities at Beltsville Research Center in the 1930s. Some unlabeled photographs are clearly not Beltsville.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 42
Collection Name: Ben Bereskin Papers
Earliest Date: 1954
Latest Date: 1988
Linear Feet: 18.75
Collection Description: The Ben Bereskin Papers include papers, photographs, publications and reports by Bereskin and others (H.O. Hetzer) as well as data, notes, correspondence, drafts, abstracts, and other manuscripts. Materials cover subjects such as livestock, poultry, and swine.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Ben Bereskin (b. 1922) began working at U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1965 as a research geneticist (animal) with USDAís Agricultural Research Service, Animal Husbandry Research Division, Swine Research Branch. Bereskinís swine research objectives included selection for lean growth on low protein diets; comparing responses of pigs to selection under different dietary regimes; monitoring and evaluating physiological traits in the selected lines; evaluating the genetic X nutritional interaction effects and evaluating responses to reverse selection. In 1975 he was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and in 1985-1986 he was the sole winner of the National Swine Improvement Federationís Distinguished Service Award. Bereskin retired in 1988 as a research geneticist at the USDA Nonruminant Animal Nutrition Laboratory, Animal Science Institute.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 363
Collection Name: Bennie Douglas Mayberry Collection on George Washington Carver
Earliest Date: 1992
Latest Date: 1992
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: The Bennie Douglas Mayberry Collection on George Washington Carver includes the original book materials of Mayberry's manuscript "George Washington Carver - A Handbook", photographs of George Washington Carver, a facsimile of Carver's official USDA personnel record, a reprint of the article "Bennie Douglas Mayberry: An Unsung Hero" (1995), Mayberry's resume, and photographs of Mayberry.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Bennie Douglas Mayberry spent nearly 40 years working for Tuskegee Instutitue, first in the department of horticulture and lastly as the director of the Carver Research Foundation. Known as an innovative researcher and dynamic teacher, Mayberry was also an outstanding administrator who developed research and instructional programs in the 1890 land-grant system. Some of his accomplishments include improving methods for canning sweet potato, developing instructional materials in the isotope and radiation technology program in 1959, and devising nutrient management projects that examined the absorption and translocation of strontium in plants and the effects of maleic hydrazide in tea. He was influenced by George Washington Carver, the great agricultural chemist, who guest lectured during Mayberry's undergraduate years.
Formats: Photographs

Collection Number: 66
Collection Name: Beverly Thomas Galloway Papers
Earliest Date: 1891
Latest Date: 1933
Linear Feet: 7.75
Collection Description: The Beverly Thomas Galloway Papers consist of biographical information, correspondence, speeches, memoranda, notebooks, photographs, scrapbooks, and published and unpublished articles.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Beverly Thomas Galloway (1863-1938) was appointed as plant pathologist in 1887 for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The following year he became Chief of the Division of Vegetable Physiology and Pathology. In 1900, he became chief of the Division of Gardens and Grounds, was the leader in planning the consolidation of several divisions into what soon became the Bureau of Plant Industry, and moved into position of Chief of this new bureau. For two years (1913-1914), he served as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture and later returned to research work, particularly investigations of the pathological aspects.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Formats: Agricultural Art and Memorabilia; Photographs; Reprints
Digitization Status: Portion of collection digitized

Collection Number: 188
Collection Name: Boris Petrovich Uvarov Manuscript
Earliest Date: 1928
Latest Date: 1928
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: The Boris Petrovich Uvarov Manuscript is a two-volume manuscript by Uvarov, titled "Insect Nutrition and Metabolism" and consisting of typewritten abstracts. The original abstracts are located at Rowett Research Institution in the United Kingdom.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Uvarov (b. 1888) was an entomologist and director of the Anti-Locust Research Center in London, England, as of 1959. He tracked locusts and their movements over the world while studying the conditions under which they reproduce and swarm. Born in Russia, Uvarov moved to England in 1929 and established the Commonwealth Institute of Entomology. He was responsible for the formation of the International African Migratory Locust Organization and the International Red Locust Control Service.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 278
Collection Name: Botanic Garden Photograph Collection (merged with MS 274)
Collection Group: Plant Photograph Collections
Earliest Date: 1910
Latest Date: 1922
Linear Feet: 2
Collection Description: The Botanic Garden Photograph Collection consists of color and black and white lantern slides of U.S. and international botanic gardens and includes landscape and interior views, selected plant specimens, and garden design diagrams. Featured U.S. gardens are the Missouri Botanic Garden, the National Botanic Garden and the National Arboretum, Golden Gate Park, and New York Botanic Garden. International gardens include Botanischer Garten Berlin-Dahlem; Botanic Garden, Tokyo; Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, England; and Quinta Normal, Santiago, Chile.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 416
Collection Name: Brice K. Meeker Papers
Earliest Date: 1948
Latest Date: 1996
Bulk Dates: 1960-1974
Linear Feet: 5.5
Collection Description: The Brice K. Meeker Papers consist of reports, speeches, diplomas, slides, and photographs from conferences attended by Meeker as well as areas he and his family lived while he was an agricultural attache. There is information on agriculture in the United States and the U.S.S.R. In addition, the following areas are represented in photographs or slides: The Aegean Islands, Australia, Austria, Belgium, the Canary Islands, Denmark, England, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, South America, the Soviet Union, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and United States.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Brice K. Meeker (1922-1988) was former assistant administrator for the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). He received a masterís degree and doctorate in agricultural economics from Purdue University and began working with the United States Department of Agriculture in 1953. Meeker spent most of his career overseas with FAS and was assigned to Hungary, Hong Kong, the Soviet Union, the Netherlands, and Australia. He retired in 1983.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Last Modified : April 6, 2018

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