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Index to the Manuscript Collections--Search Results

15 record(s) found

Collection Number: 216
Collection Name: Dairy Collection
Earliest Date: 1908
Latest Date: 1986
Bulk Dates: 1961-1986
Linear Feet: 26.25
Collection Description: The Dairy Collections consists mostly of dairy publications. Papers relate to dairy programs, agricultural organizations, committees, conferences, reports, congressional testimony, marketing, and federal regulations.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 48
Collection Name: Darrow, George McMillan, Papers
Earliest Date: 1835
Latest Date: 1980
Bulk Dates: 1925-65
Linear Feet: 19.25
Collection Description: The George McMillan Darrow Papers contain materials related to Darrow's scientific career and the literature he contributed to the field. There are correspondence, manuscripts, galley proofs, a book, publications such as articles and reports, photographs, field notes, papers related to physiology, and miscellaneous items.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: George McMillan Darrow (1889-1983), who was considered one of the foremost American authorities on strawberries, worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture for 46 years (1911-1957) as a pomologist and small fruits breeder. Among Darrow's contributions to pomology were the domestication and introduction of the Darrow blueberry.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: Portion of collection digitized

Collection Number: 49
Collection Name: Davis, John Herbert, Papers
Earliest Date: 1905
Latest Date: 1984
Bulk Dates: 1938-78
Linear Feet: 41
Collection Description: The John Herbert Davis Papers consist of an autobiography, correspondence, speeches, broadcast text, reports, congressional testimony, photographs, periodical publications, term papers, school notes, masters degree thesis, Ph.D. thesis draft, programs, newspaper clippings, certificates signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, oral history tapes, Middle East material, and books authored by Davis.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: John Herbert Davis (1904-1988) worked as an agricultural economist with several U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) administrations beginning in 1936, including the Resettlement Administration, the Farm Security Administration, and the Farm Credit Administration. From 1942-1944, he served as the chief of the Wheat Section, Grain Division of the Commodity Credit Corporation. After working outside of USDA for several years, Davis returned to USDA in 1953 as the president/director of the Commodity Credit Corporation. In June 1953 he became the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, initially responsible for commodity marketing and adjustment activities, and then responsible for the Foreign Agricultural Service and Agricultural Marketing Service. From 1957-1959 he served as a consultant in the Foreign Agricultural Service, the commissioner general of the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and as vice chairman of the Board of Trustees and director of the New York Office of the American University of Beirut (dates unknown).
Formats: Audiovisuals; Photographs

Collection Number: 403
Collection Name: Den Boer, Arie, Crabapple Papers
Earliest Date: 1904
Latest Date: 1960
Bulk Dates: 1940
Linear Feet: 8.75
Collection Description: The papers consist of Arie F. den Boer's research notes and files used to write the book Flowering Crabapples published by the American Association of Nurserymen in 1959. His research notebooks contain hand-drawn images of crabapple trees. Includes a copy of the book.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Arie den Boer was a landscape gardener at the Water Works in Des Moines, Iowa. Water Works manager Charles Sing Denman encouraged his interest in crabapple research. Den Boer developed the park named Charles Sing Denman Woods which has the largest collection of flower crabapple trees in existence.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 386
Collection Name: Devine, Thomas E., Papers
Earliest Date: 1953
Latest Date: 2009
Linear Feet: 22.5
Collection Description: The Thomas E. Devine Papers contain materials from his 32 years of research for the Agricultural Research Service on the genetics and breeding of legumes (birdsfoot trefoil, alfalfa, and soybeans). Papers include information on attended conferences, advisory capacities, professional organizations, and research-related correspondence. Many of Dr. Devine’s 90 publications are included in the papers. Yearly performance records from his federal service document work plans, successes, and c hallenges. Years and topics of research include: 1967 1969, research geneticist, breeding and genetics of birdsfoot trefoil, Ithaca, NY; 1969-1974, insect and disease resistant alfalfas for the Eastern United States, Beltsville, Maryland; 1974-1997, research program on the genetics and breeding of soybeans, Plant Nutrition Laboratory, Beltsville, MD; 1997-2009, breeding legume winter cover crops for use in sustainable agricultural systems, Weed Science Laboratory, Beltsville, MD. Detailed field plans and evaluations exist from various research projects. Successful projects from Dr. Devine’s work include: eight soybean germplasm releases, five soybean cultivar releases, and two hairy vetch cultivar releases; interspecific hybridization; the allopolyploidization of induced tetraploids by means of x ray irradiation; selection for tolerance to herbicides, air pollutants and edaphic stresses; the development of disease and insect resistance; the genetics and coevolution of host/microsymbiont nitrogen-fixing interactions; mapping the soybean genome; breeding legumes for sustainable agricultural systems; research on anthracnose resistance in alfalfa production; the first anthracnose resistant alfalfa variety, Arc; development and release of nine alfalfa clones as bioindicators of air pollution, and nine disease resistant alfalfa stocks.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Dr. Thomas E. Devine conducted research for the Agricultural Research Service on the genetics and breeding of legumes (birdsfoot trefoil, alfalfa, and soybeans) for 42 years. From 1967-1969, he served as research geneticist with full responsibility for the breeding and genetics of birdsfoot trefoil at Ithaca, New York. He served concurrently as a member of the graduate faculty of the Department of Plant Breeding and Biometry at Cornell University. He transferred to Beltsville, Maryland, in 1969 to develop insect and disease resistant alfalfas for the Eastern United States. In 1974, he transferred to the Plant Nutrition Laboratory to conduct a research program on the genetics and breeding of soybeans and has continued this work to the present amid several reorganizations and administrative changes. His research assignment was augmented with responsibility for breeding legume winter cover crops for use in sustainable agricultural systems with his transfer to the Weed Science Laboratory after the abolition of the Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory in 1997. He retired in 2009.
Processed: Minimally processed, view the partial finding aid online.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 50
Collection Name: Dodge, Jacob Richards, Clippings
Earliest Date: 1878
Latest Date: 1902
Linear Feet: 0.75
Collection Description: The Jacob Richards Dodge Clippings Collection contains five bound volumes of clippings of agricultural articles written by and about Dodge.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistician Jacob Richards Dodge (1823-1902) was chief of the USDA's Statistical Division for 27 years. Dodge was born in New Boston, New Hampshire, learned the art of printing, and engaged in teaching, first in New Hampshire and afterwards in Mississippi, where he successfully conducted an academy. In 1849 he redirected his career path to the field of journalism, studying rural economy and statistical information. When the new Department of Agriculture was established in 1862, he became engaged in editorial work and statistical investigation. At the same time, he chronicled the events of the Civil War for the Associated Press. In 1866 he assumed charge of the Statisitical Division, which he retained through the changing administrations until 1874. He accepted a temporary commission for investigation of commercial agriculture in the Treasury Department, and the charge of the statistics of agriculture of the 10th Census in 1879. Commissioner George Bailey Loring compelled him to take his former position as statistician in 1881, the duties of which performed until his retirement in 1893.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 373
Collection Name: Donahoo, Absalom, apple nursery records
Earliest Date: 1870
Latest Date: 1880
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: This notebook contains Absalom Donahoo's records of the apple cultivars he was testing for potential commercial production in Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska. His land was south of Nebraska City on Highway 75.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Absalom Donahoo (1833-1880) was a friend of Sterling Morton, Secretary of Agriculture from 1893-1897, and a charter member of the Nebraska Horticultural Society.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 371
Collection Name: Dorsett, Palemon Howard, Persimmon Collection
Collection Group: Plant Exploration Collections
Earliest Date: 1924
Latest Date: 1930
Bulk Dates: 1924-1925, 1930
Linear Feet: 1.5
Collection Description: The Palemon Howard Dorsett Persimmon Collection contains 200 photographs of persimmon fruits, trees, workers, and related views. The photographs were taken by Palemon Howard Dorsett on several plant exploration trips to Asia from 1924-1930. There are many handwritten legends and Chinese writing. Materials originated from the USDA New Crops Research Branch offices in Beltsville, Maryland. Some of the photographs may duplicate those found in the Dorsett-Morse Oriental Exploration Expedition Collection held in Special Collections. Besides photographs, there is a blueprint of the persimmon hot-water processing kiln for use in the treatment of Chinese persimmons in Peiping, China and the vicinity, 1930. Additionally, there is a typewritten document and notes on the establishment of the Chico, California, Testing and Propagating Garden in 1930. The collection includes the publication Where Persimmon Was King: P.H. Dorsett's Photographic Tour Around Peking, China 1924-1931 edited by William H. Preston.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Palemon Howard Dorsett (1862-1943) was a United States Department of Agriculture plant explorer with USDA Section of Plant Introduction. Dorsett traveled to the persimmon growing region north of Peiping (now Beijing). He and his son James explored the region in 1924-25 and then again in 1930-31 with the Oriental Agricultural Exploration Expedition.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 51
Collection Name: Dorsett-Morse Oriental Agricultural Exploration Expedition Collection
Collection Group: Plant Exploration Collections
Earliest Date: 1914
Latest Date: 1945
Linear Feet: 31.5
Collection Description: The Dorsett-Morse Oriental Agricultural Exploration Expedition Collection consists of seven photograph albums of the 1929-1931 Oriental Agricultural Exploration Expedition illustrating plant varieties and uses, landscapes, and Asian cultural practices. In addition to the photographs, the collection contains diaries created by Palemon Howard Dorsett and William Joseph Morse so that they would have a complete report of their work. Combining memoranda, expense reports, itineraries, maps, correspondence, ship logs, invoices, and photographs, the two explorers created 17 books dating from 1928-1932. The photographs in the diaries are from the same trip as the ones in the photograph albums. In 2002, the Arnold Arboretum donated 300 to 500 black and white photographs and negatives from plant expeditions of Palemon Howard Dorsett and other USDA plant explorers. Some of these photographs were taken during the Dorsett-Morse Oriental Agricultural Exploration Expedition and can be found in this collection. The remainder of the photographs and negatives are located in the Collection of Expedition Photographs from the Office of Plant Exploration. In June 2004, Morse's daughter donated a scrapbook of Dorsett and Morse's expeditions in Asia during 1930. There are 32 black and white photographs (two of which are hand-colored) with captions. The photographs in the scrapbook have negative numbers that correspond to the numbers on the negatives from the Arnold Arboretum. Morse's daughter donated more materials to Special Collections in July 2004. This donation included 9 pamphlets on Japan; a scrapbook of black and white photographs (unlabeled) depicting damage from the 1923 Tokyo earthquake; 86 loose black and white photographs taken while Morse was in Japan; packages of postcards depicting Japanese scenery and social life; a blank stationery set; local Japanese restaurant menus; and holiday cards, some of which are personalized to the Morse family.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: In 1929, Palemon Howard Dorsett (1862-1943) and William Joseph Morse (1884-1959) embarked upon a plant exploration trip officially know as the Oriental Agricultural Exploration Expedition. Dorsett was the veteran plant explorer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Section of Plant Introduction, and Morse was a soybean specialist from the USDA Office of Forage Crops. This expedition was initiated in response to the growing importance of the soybean as a food crop during the first quarter of the 20th century. The purpose was primarily to collect soybean germplasm, and also seeds and propagating materials for other crops of interest.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Formats: Maps; Photographs
Digitization Status: Portion of collection digitized

Collection Number: 148
Collection Name: Dr. Salsbury's Laboratories Photograph Collection: American Poultry Historical Society Papers
Collection Group: Poultry Science Collections
Earliest Date: 1930
Latest Date: 1949
Bulk Dates: 1930s and 1940s
Linear Feet: 1
Collection Description: Dr. Salsbury's Laboratories Photograph Collection contains approximately 2,000 black and white glossy photographs depicting many facets of poultry and the poultry industry during the 1930s and 1940s. Dr. Salsbury's Laboratories, a major producer of pharmaceutics to treat poultry, used this collection as it published different editions of Dr. Salsbury Health Messenger, a widely distributed poultry health manual in the 1930-40 era.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Veterinarian Joseph E. Salsbury (b. 1887) opened Dr. Salsbury's Poultry Service Company in 1924 in Charles City, Iowa, in order to combat poultry mortality by the use of low-cost medicine. By 1935, the company purchased 55 acres for its research farm and changed its name to Dr. Salsbury's Laboratories. Branches were opened in 1936 and 1937 in Pomona, California; Kansas City, Missouri; Fort Worth, Texas; and Columbus, Ohio. The first product developed by Salsbury was Avitone, a flock wormer. By 1951, the company line consisted of 55 products, and 9 out of 10 of these were for poultry ailments. The research specialists in helminthology, protozoology, biochemistry, and other branches of science developed new products at the research farm.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 250
Collection Name: Drechsler, Charles, Papers
Earliest Date: 1927
Latest Date: 1956
Bulk Dates: 1954-56
Linear Feet: 15
Collection Description: The Charles Drechsler Papers consist of the figures or illustrations for two articles in the Journal of Botany in 1954 and 1956: Two Species of Conidiobolus with Minutely Ridges Zygospores and Two New Species of Conidiobolus, notes and pencil drawings for an unpublished article on Helminthosporium spp., a few letters, and specimens of cereal crops with plant diseases.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Charles Drechsler (1892-1986), a world authority on fungi, spent 45 years as a plant pathologist and mycologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. While in the position of Mycologist, Horticultural Crops Research Branch, Agricultural Research Service, Drechsler published two articles in the Journal of Botany in 1954 and 1956, the illustrations for which are included in the collection.
Formats: Agricultural Art and Memorabilia
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 352
Collection Name: Duke, James A., Papers
Earliest Date: 1948
Latest Date: 1994
Linear Feet: 19
Collection Description: The James A. Duke Papers consist of notes, drafts of articles, published articles, reprints, statistical data, reports, and photographs. Materials document the uses of common roots, herbs, fruits, vegetables, plants, and leaves to prevent or even cure illnesses. Duke analyzes and discusses about the different types of chemical composition of the roots, herbs, fruits, vegetables, plants and leaves. He also provides details about his trips to various places including where he lived with different ethnic groups and how these groups used their surrounding forest products to create "folk" remedies or herbal medicinals. Besides studying these ethnic groups’ forest dependency, Duke writes about different everyday foods and how they can prove to be advantageous or disadvantageous to healthy living.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Dr. James A. "Jim" Duke’s is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of North Carolina. Duke began his passion on neotropical ethnobotany at Washington University and Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri. From 1963 to 1965, he was an ecologist with the USDA for ecological and ethnobotanical studies in Panama and Columbia. During this period, Duke lived with various ethnic groups while observing their dependence on forest products. In 1971, rejoining USDA, Duke was given assignments relating to crop diversification, energy plant studies, and medicinal plants in developing countries. After 30 years with the USDA, Duke retired on September 30, 1995. There after from 1966 to 1968, Duke was a resident in Panama; while working on an encyclopedia of economic plants, he also teamed up with the National Cancer Institute to work on their AIDS and cancer screening program and their Designer Food Program. Between 1990 to 1992, Duke helps advise the National Institute of Health’s Designer Food Program. Besides continuing with his passion on neotropical ethnobotany, Duke also has a curiosity in natural foods and nutritional approaches to preventive medicine. Today, Duke has written multiple significant books and articles and he also helps advise several councils, research groups, pharmaceuticals, and he is CEO of Duke’s Herbal Vineyard Inc.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 383
Collection Name: Duley, F. L. (Frank Leslie), Photograph Collection
Collection Group: Plant Photograph Collections
Earliest Date: 1939
Latest Date: 1965
Bulk Dates: 1939-1940
Linear Feet: 0.75
Collection Description: The Frank Leslie Duley Photograph Collection consists of photographs and negatives of sorghum, corn, soil moisture, and soil structure. Many are not labeled as to place. Some are labeled with towns and cities in Nebraska including Lincoln, Dalton, Chappell, and Gurley. There is a note in the collection: "The pictures in this box were examined at this time. There are many in here that might be used for practical publications. It is hoped that they might be preserved." The note is date December 6, 1965, and signed F. L. Duley.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Frank Leslie Duley (b. 1888)
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 52
Collection Name: Dun, Edwin, Manuscript
Earliest Date: 1919
Latest Date: 1919
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: The Edwin Dun Manuscript [ca. 1919] (136 pages) is titled "Reminiscences of Nearly Half a Century in Japan." Dun wrote about life on the farm in central Ohio, where he grew up, and the events that led to his journey to Japan. He described his life in Japan, the people he met, historic events, and natural disasters.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Edwin Dun (1848-1931) went to Japan in the 1870s as an agricultural expert, whose chief knowledge was in the area of raising sheep and cattle, and served as U.S. minister to Japan.
Text Available in NALDR:
Digitization Status: Entire collection digitized

Collection Number: 482
Collection Name: Dupont, Jacqueline L. and Beecher, Gary R. Papers
Earliest Date: 1894
Latest Date: 2008
Bulk Dates: 1970-2008
Linear Feet: 1.25
Collection Description: The Jaqueline L. Dupont and Gary R. Beecher Papers consist of research materials that pertain to "History of Human Nutrition Research in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service: People, Events, and Accomplishments." The book was edited by Jacqueline L. Dupont and Gary R. Beecher and was published in November 2017. The types of materials include: publications, research notes, slides, and a floppy disc.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Jacqueline L. Dupont was a National Program Leader in Nutrition with the Agricultural Researcher Service (ARS) and is an Adjunct Professor at Florida State University. Gary R. Beecher was a Researcher Chemist and Research Leader with ARS and is now retired.
Subjects: Human Nutrition

Last Modified : August 2, 2013

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