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Index to the Manuscript Collections--Search Results

17 record(s) found

Collection Number: 312
Collection Name: Radio Home Features Typescripts
Earliest Date: 1964
Latest Date: 1988
Linear Feet: 5.75
Collection Description: The Radio Home Features Typescripts were produced by USDA Office of Information, Radio and Television Service, Washington, D.C. Dates of typescripts are 1964-1967, 1969, and 1970-1988.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: The U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of Communications produces a series of radio news feature reports through its Broadcast Media and Technology Center. These news features cover a wide variety of topics in agriculture and home economics, and are intended for the general public as a listening audience. Such topics include food safety, environmental issues, weather, crop projections and reports, and health issues. Each week, the Office of Communications sends out audio recordings of these stories to media outlets all around the United States, who then broadcast the material.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 141
Collection Name: Reall, Joseph H., Correspondence
Earliest Date: 1879
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: The Joseph H. Reall Correspondence contains nine typewritten copies of letters, the majority written to Henry E. Alvord during November and December 1879, regarding plans for the organization of the American Agricultural Association (apparently first considered under the name National Agricultural Society), the proposed and the elected officers, and the organizational meeting held December 10-12, 1879. Reall became the chairman of the Executive Committee and Henry E. Alvord was made one of the directors. The letters show that governors appointed delegates to the meeting and that 200 acceptances had been received by December 1. There is also a press release regarding the organization of this society. The typewritten copies were made possible through the courtesy of Caroline B. Sherman, Henry E. Alvord's niece.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 321
Collection Name: Report on Trials of Plows
Earliest Date: 1867
Latest Date: 1867
Bulk Dates: 1867
Linear Feet: 1.25
Collection Description: "Report on Trials of Plows" by Anonymous, Manuscript. Transactions of the New York State Agricultural Society. 1867. Part I. Volume XXVII. Illustrated. The book is composed of illustrations which appear to be original art with hand lettering on captions. It appears to have been self-published. The illustrations were inserted in handmade pages which were hole-punched. A cord was inserted through the pages and the front and back covers of the book, which have artistic designs on them. The book measures 9"x6"x4".
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 272
Collection Name: Reynnells, Richard D., Collection: American Poultry Historical Society Papers
Collection Group: Poultry Science Collections
Earliest Date: 1957
Latest Date: 1999
Linear Feet: 32.75
Collection Description: The Richard D. Reynnells Collection contains correspondence, meeting notes, photographs, unpublished papers, breeder management guides, conference proceedings, and articles pertaining to the mission of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service at the state, regional and national levels during the 1980s and 1990s. Much of the material is related to poultry workshops and symposia, including documents regarding planning, locations, publicity, programs, speakers, proceedings, and recommendations made by the participants.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Richard D. Reynnells is the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Program Leader for Poultry Science and a member of the Board of Directors for the American Poultry Historical Society.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 142
Collection Name: Richardson, John Peter, Correspondence
Earliest Date: 1840
Latest Date: 1840
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: The John Peter Richardson Correspondence collection contains two letters between W.S. Reynolds and John Peter Richardson relating to the status of agriculture within South Carolina and the possibility of a survey of agriculture, soils, and mineral resources.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: John Peter Richardson resided in Clarendon, Sumter District, South Carolina, and W.S. Reynolds resided in Blackville in the Barnwell District of South Carolina .
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 143
Collection Name: Riley, Charles Valentine, Collection
Earliest Date: 1868
Latest Date: 1919
Linear Feet: 12.75
Collection Description: The Charles Valentine Riley Collection consist of letters to Riley, unpublished lectures, notes, photographs, news clippings, reports, reprints, paintings, drawings, sketch books, books, and artifacts. The collection focuses on the history of entomology and the development of biological control of insects injurious to crops, and on Riley’s energetic efforts on its behalf during the latter part of the 19th century.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Charles Valentine Riley (1843-1895) was a visual artist and entomologist in the mid-19th century. Born in England, Riley settled in the United States in 1850. He had grown up studying and sketching insects, and he quickly began to apply his abilities while working for Prairie Farmer, a leading agricultural journal. In 1868 Riley was recommended for and appointed to the post of entomologist for the state of Missouri. In this capacity, he not only became a distinguished entomologist, but he also revolutionized the entire field of entomology. In 1878 Riley became the second Chief Entomologist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, succeeding Townend Glover. Riley held this position over a period of 17 years, having parted with the USDA briefly from 1880-1881 over a procedural dispute. During the 1880s Riley was also closely involved with the U.S. National Museum (currently the Smithsonian Institution), to whom he donated his collection of over 100,000 insect specimens. He served as an assistant curator for the museum, specializing in insects. Riley worked in both capacities until his death in 1895.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Formats: Agricultural Art and Memorabilia; Photographs
Digitization Status: Portion of collection digitized

Collection Number: 190
Collection Name: Riley, Charles Valentine, Printing Blocks
Collection Group: Riley, Charles Valentine
Earliest Date: 1872
Latest Date: 1895
Linear Feet: 55
Collection Description: The Charles Valentine Riley Printing Blocks consist of 1,211 woodcuts, electrotypes (electroplated lead molds of original engravings), and metal casts used to illustrate Riley's publications. Approximately 508 blocks were figures for the 9 Missouri annual reports (1869-1877) produced by Riley when he was Missouri's first state entomologist. Other printing blocks were used in publications such as American Entomologist and American Entomologist and Botanist. Some of the electrotypes are duplicates or cast from woodcuts which are present, but most represent different drawings than the woodcuts.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Riley (1843-1895) was the state entomologist of Missouri (1868-1877), an entomologist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (1878-1879), and Chief of the Federal Entomological Service (1894-1895).
Formats: Agricultural Art and Memorabilia
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 328
Collection Name: Rivera, William McLeod, Papers
Earliest Date: 1962
Latest Date: 1992
Bulk Dates: 1986-1992
Linear Feet: 2.5
Collection Description: The William McLeod Rivera papers consist of journals, papers both written and collected by Rivera, conference publications, correspondence, and information on courses taught by Rivera.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: William McLeod Rivera is an associate professor in the College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences at the University of Maryland. His subject area of expertise is agriculture extension education. Throughout his career he has worked all around the world in consultancy capacities on projects and programs related to adult and agricultural extension education. These projects have ranged from formulating curricula for educational institutions to developing extension programs for rural farmers. He has worked under such organizations as the United Nations, World Education, Inc., the World Bank, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Rivera is also a well-accomplished author, having had two books published, edited several other books, and written many articles in several adult and agricultural extension education books and journals.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 351
Collection Name: Rock, Joseph Francis Charles, Papers
Collection Group: Plant Exploration Collections
Earliest Date: 1928
Latest Date: 1928
Bulk Dates: 1928
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: The Joseph Francis Charles Rock Papers contain a bibliofilm (microfilm photograph) of Rock's specimen notebook from 1928. Lists a specimen number followed by a description of the the specimen and the location or altitude. The actual specimens are currently at Harvard University Herbaria.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Joseph Francis Charles Rock (1884-1962) was a plant explorer, botanist, linguist, and correspondent for National Geographic Magazine. He is famous for his work with studying the Nakhi (Naxi) language and his works on Hawaiian plants.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 474
Collection Name: Roedenbeck, Herbert, Papers
Earliest Date: 1903
Latest Date: 1975
Bulk Dates: 1967-1970
Linear Feet: 0.5
Collection Description: The Herbert Roedenbeck Papers consist mainly of stories and recollections written by Roedenbeck about his experiences as a farmer, rancher, and land dealer in Colorado and southeastern Texas during the early 20th century. Most of the documents in the collection are photocopies of Roedenbeck’s manuscripts. The collection also includes some photographs, postcards, and correspondence.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Herbert Roedenbeck (19 February 1881 - 21 July 1975) immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1906. As a young man in Germany, he operated a large farm near Brunswick and attended Heidelberg University. After he arrived in the United States, he pursued a number of agricultural interests. He experimented with growing several varieties of sugar beets in Colorado and planted an experimental citrus orchard in southern Texas. In 1909, he partnered with Theodore F. Koch, a Texas land developer, to buy and sell land to settlers. Roedenbeck planted one of the first commercial-scale rice crops in Texas in 1910, and developed a new strain of rice called "Roedenbeck Prolific." He served as a Chambers County commissioner from 1920 to 1924. During this term of service he promoted the practice of dipping cattle to eradicate the devastating Texas fever ticks. He left farming in 1928 and began leasing land for oil exploration.
Formats: Photographs

Collection Number: 385
Collection Name: Rogers, George Burnett, Papers: American Poultry Historical Society Papers
Collection Group: Poultry Science Collections
Earliest Date: 1950
Latest Date: 1979
Linear Feet: 2.5
Collection Description: The George Burnett Rogers Papers contain documents related to poultry and egg production, marketing, pollution, and other related research. Many of Rogers' publications and presentations are included, as well as a limited amount of his personal correspondence. The collection also contains: poultry trade show pamphlets and programs; egg and poultry pricing documents; poultry and egg marketing, consumer, price-related papers, publications, research data; materials from private poultry companies and associations; survey results; academic and technical papers for conferences, presentations, and publications; poultry and egg-related product trade catalogs, brochures; farm price support data; bibliographies on topics such as eggs and poultry; three egg and poultry bumper stickers; cost of living issue-related papers and documents.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: George Burnett Rogers was born in 1919. He worked and published in the Poultry Branch, Food & Restaurant Division, Office of Price Stabilization in the early 1950s. Later he moved to the United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, Marketing Economics Division, staying there from the 1950s-1970s. He published numerous articles and monographs on poultry and egg production, marketing, price controls, and other matters.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 485
Collection Name: Ronald Fayer Collection
Earliest Date: 1966
Latest Date: 2016
Linear Feet: 2.5
Collection Description: The Ronald Fayer Collection consists primarily of reprints of over 400 published research papers, book chapters, and abstracts authored or co-authored by Dr. Fayer. Other materials in the collection include copies of patents awarded to Dr. Fayer.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Ronald Fayer (b. 1939) is and internationally recognized expert on the study of microorganisms of medical and veterinary importance. Fayer pioneered in-vitro cultivation of coccidian parasites of domestic animals, and he was first to use these methods for testing anticoccidial drugs. His methods have been adapted and used throughout the world to investigate these and related organisms. Until Fayer, the source of Sarcocystis cysts in human and food-animal muscles was unknown. Fayer elucidated the life cycle of Sarcocystis, a parasitic infection that caused millions of dollars of beef to be condemned every year. He identified previously unknown precystic stages of infection that caused abortion, wasting, poor growth, and death in livestock. As a result, Sarcocystis disease is no longer a serious economic problem. Fayer is also recognized worldwide as a leader in the identification and naming of several new species of Cryptosporidium, a widespread pathogen affecting humans and animals. A preeminent international expert on protozoan pathogens, Fayer has received over 350 invitations to speak at scientific conference and has been invited to many countries to consult on problems involving protozoan pathogens. Honors include the Helminthological Society of Washington's Anniversary Award, Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist from the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists, the National Oceanic and Atomospheric Administration Unit Award, and the H.B. Ward Medal from the American Society of Parasitologists. Fayer received the USDA Superior Service award in 1978 and 1997 and USDA's plow award in 2005. He is also a recipient of the Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished Senior Professional.
Subjects: Animal Science
Formats: Audiovisuals; Reprints
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 144
Collection Name: Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Collection
Earliest Date: 1934
Latest Date: 1941
Linear Feet: 2.5
Collection Description: The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Collection consists of copies of press releases, presidential addresses, inaugural addresses, executive orders, and newspaper articles of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, all pertaining to agricultural matters. It is likely that this collection was originally housed in the library of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), the 32nd President of the United States, held office from 1933-1945. Roosevelt dealt with the problems related to the Great Depression from the previous administration and established several key programs and experiments that would become part of his New Deal. He also successfully led the United States through World War II until his death near the end of the war. The goal of the New Deal was to rehabilitate the economy, recover agricultural resources, and prevent citizens from losing their homes and farms. Some of Roosevelt’s experiments included Social Security, a revamped tax system, work relief programs, and tighter control over banks. Roosevelt was also able to gain federal regulation of the economy.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 145
Collection Name: Rowley, Percy B., Papers: American Poultry Historical Society Papers
Collection Group: Poultry Science Collections
Earliest Date: 1922
Latest Date: 1997
Linear Feet: 0.5
Collection Description: The Percy B. Rowley Papers and photographs pertain to the production and sale of hatching eggs and young poultry to foreign markets; records of advertising, permits, correspondence, and photographs of shipments to Asia and South America; and records of the Washington State Poultry Improvement Association, of which Rowley was an active, longtime member.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Percy B. Rowley was one of the earliest U.S. poultry breeders of egg-producing chickens to open East Asia as a market for their products following World War II.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 258
Collection Name: Royal C. Steadman Watercolor Collection
Earliest Date: 1923
Latest Date: 1928
Linear Feet: 3
Collection Description: The Royal C. Steadman Watercolor Collection consists of 12 watercolors of sweet potatoes and 4 watercolors of flowers. The sweet potato watercolors were painted by Steadman from 1923-25; the watercolors are 17 4/8" x 13 7/8" on cardboard 22" x 16 3/4". Specific flower information is as follows: daffodil "Mod de Graaff", specimen no. 104840, dated 3-5-1924; iris "David Teniers, specimen no. 104854, dated 3-11-1924 tulip "Baron de la Taunaye:, specimen no. an0006 (an =assigned number), dated 3-27-1924; iris "Freya", specimen no. 110120, dated 5-9-1928.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Royal Charles Steadman was born on July 23, 1875, in Portland, Maine. Among his educational credits, Steadman listed general art studies at the School of Drawing and Painting of the Museum of Fine Arts and at the Cowles Art School, both of which were located in Boston, Massachusetts. At the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, he studied jewelry design. In 1915, Steadman began his career with USDA as a pomological artist for the Bureau of Plant Industry. Using as models the live specimens sent to USDA by farmers, growers, and plant explorers, Steadman produced watercolors of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. On occasion, he also created black and white and pen and ink drawings. In addition, he constructed wax models of fruits and vegetables. He also painted watercolors of fruits which had been stored at cool temperatures, showing the effects of freezing and cold storage on plant tissues. Certainly, Steadman was a versatile artist. Prior to his employment with USDA, he was the head jewelry designer for a commercial firm. He had also designed stage scenery and served as an instructor at the Rhode Island School of Design. While employed by USDA, Steadman pursued other artistic endeavors in his spare time. For Amanda Newton, he painted a portrait of her grandfather, Isaac Newton, a former commissioner of agriculture. He also created paintings of historical scenes. And, he submitted several designs for postage stamps to the postmaster general. In 1920, Steadman was promoted to botanical artist. And, he remained with USDA until his retirement in 1941.
Formats: Agricultural Art and Memorabilia
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 147
Collection Name: Russell, Edward John, Manuscript
Earliest Date: 1927
Latest Date: 1927
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: The Edward John Russell Manuscript, titled “Field Experiments at Rothamsted,” was given to the Graduate School of the U.S. Department of Agriculture by Sir John Russell. It was proposed for publication, along with many black and white photographs, as a Bureau of Chemistry and Soils Bulletin in 1928; however, it was never published.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Edward John Russell was Director of Rothamsted Experimental Station in Harpenden, England in 1927.
Formats: Photographs

Collection Number: 146
Collection Name: Russell, Paul George, Papers
Earliest Date: 1908
Latest Date: 1959
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: The Paul George Russell Papers consist of notes and drafts of his U.S. Department of Agriculture circular "Oriental Flowering Cherries" published in March 1934, clippings, photographs of his retirement in 1959, and biographical information. The circular provides facts on cultivation and historical details about varieties of ornamental cherries grown in the United States, including trees growing around the tidal basin in Washington, D.C. A published version of the circular is located in the general collection of the National Agricultural Library.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Botanist Paul George Russell (1889-1963), began his 50-year career with the federal government in 1908 as a scientific aide and clerk in the National Herbarium, U.S. National Museum. He accompanied J.N. Rose on botanical expeditions to Mexico (1910), the West Indies (1913), and South America (1915). From 1916-1959, Russell was employed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Among his various responsibilities as botanist, he was in charge of the introduction of foreign trees upon their arrival in the United States. At the time of his retirement, he was part of the New Crops Research Branch of the Crops Research Division and was a national authority on the identification of plant species by seed alone.
Digitization Status: None

Last Modified : August 2, 2013

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