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Index to the Manuscript Collections--Search Results

Collection Number: 72
Collection Name: Gwin, James M., Poultry Collection
Collection Group: Poultry Science Collections
Earliest Date: 1906
Latest Date: 1993
Linear Feet: 90.25
Collection Description: The James M. Gwin Poultry Collection is recognized as one of the world’s most nearly complete poultry information resources and contains approximately 50,000 items. It consists primarily of business correspondence pertaining to several poultry associations, catalogs of poultry manufacturing firms, documents about early breeders in the poultry industry, egg and poultry legislation, papers on meetings for different states of the United States, and several other miscellaneous clippings of publications related to the egg and poultry industry.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: An educator, administrator, promoter, and literature collector in the field of poultry, James M. Gwin (1906-1993) worked in the poultry industry in the following capacities: military procurement officer in World War II; regulatory official in grading and inspection; professor of poultry husbandry; director of extension at the University of Maryland; marketing manager for a major feed supplier; general manager of the Poultry and Egg National Board; and professor of marketing at the University of Illinois, Edwardsville. A charter member of the American Poultry Historical Society, Gwin served as president from 1960-1962. In 1977, he was elected to the American Poultry Hall of Fame.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Formats: Posters
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 302
Collection Name: 100 Years of Federal Forestry Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 402, Photograph Collection
Earliest Date: 1905
Latest Date: 1976
Linear Feet: 4.75
Collection Description: The 100 Years of Federal Forestry Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 402 Photograph Collection contains the original photographs for "100 Years of Federal Forestry," Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 402, published in 1976. The book is a pictorial history of the National Forest System and the Nation's chief federal forestry agency, the Forest Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Photograph proofs are mounted and captioned.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service was created in 1905. Its mission evolved from providing water and timber for the United States to managing public lands in national forests and grasslands. The Forest Service also is the world’s largest forestry research organization, and it provides technical and financial assistance to state and private forestry agencies.
Processed: No, contact Special Collections.
Formats: Photographs

Collection Number: 391
Collection Name: 100 Years of the International Federation for Home Economics Manuscript and Associated Records
Earliest Date: 1975
Latest Date: 2009
Linear Feet: 21.25
Collection Description: The collection includes manuscript materials and reference sources for the anniversary book 100 Years of the International Federation for Home Economics, script text for the DVD version of book, photographs of members, International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) History Committee annual reports, other documents associated with the work of the History Committee, IFHE bulletins, files of IFHE Congresses and Councils, and IFHE countries and regions history reports. Additional materials include video tape interviews from some of the IFHE Presidents and Secretary Generals, written reports and statements, and photographs for the DVD titled Reflections of Past IFHE Presidents. Records of selective United Nations World Women’s Conferences and 2000 Focuses, the 1988 Washington Connection Conference, the 1998 American Regional Conference, the IFHE Development Fund, IFHE Councils, IFHE Women and Families in Development Committee are included as collection donor Nancy B. Leidenfrost participated in these events or committees.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: The International Federation for Home Economics is the only worldwide organization concerned with Home Economics and Consumer Studies. It was founded in 1908 to serve as a platform for international exchange within the field of Home Economics. IFHE is an International Non Governmental Organization (INGO), having consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC, FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF) and with the Council of Europe.
Processed: Minimally processed, view the partial finding aid online.
Formats: Audiovisuals; Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 285
Collection Name: 4-H Slide Collection
Earliest Date: 1964
Latest Date: 1975
Linear Feet: 1
Collection Description: The 4-H Slide Collection contains 769 35-millimeter color slides of 4-H club activities during the 1960s and 1970s. Images depict activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, animal care, gardening, dairy judging, knitting, and other activities, as well as meetings, people, and events. There are also images of 1970s posters promoting 4-H, probably created by 4-H members. In addition, there is an undated slide show titled "Audio-Visual Media in Education" with many images showing people using broadcast and recording equipment.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: 4-H (which stands for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health) is the Cooperative Extension Service’s educational program for young people. The program draws together the cooperative efforts of youths, volunteer leaders, state land-grant universities, state and local governments, foundations, and the Cooperative State Research, Educational and Extension Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 4-H partners work across the United States and internationally to assist youths in developing knowledge, skills, and experiences that will enable them to become productive and contributing members of society.
Processed: Yes, contact Special Collections.
Digitization Status: None

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Last Modified : August 2, 2013

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