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Collection Number: 178
Collection Name: USDA Bureau of Animal Industry Photograph Collection [Animal Science Institute (ASI) Archives]
Earliest Date: 1913
Latest Date: 1951
Linear Feet: 17
Collection Description: The USDA Bureau of Animal Industry Photograph Collection comprises black and white photographs, 531 glass negatives, and 1,220 acetate negatives covering many aspects of the animal industry. Subjects include animal anatomy, animal housing, equipment such as slaughtering tools, animal products such as wool, processing steps, cuts of beef, diseases, and laboratories. Black and white photographs document people involved in the work of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI). The collection includes photographs of border patrol, quarantine, and vaccination efforts against foot-and-mouth disease along the United States-Mexico border.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) was formed in 1884, and was an evolution from the Veterinary Division that had been established a year earlier, and also from the program of the Treasury Department that regulated animal transportation. The BAI was the first bureau established in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). BAI was created to put more emphasis on combating diseases that caused problems in cattle trade and production. The early focus of the bureau was to eradicate the most damaging, most communicable livestock diseases. In addition, very soon after its establishment, the bureau took on the duty of enforcing the new Meat Inspection Act. The BAI created two divisions for this task - one for meat inspection, the other for animal quarantine. Throughout its history, the Bureau of Animal Industry had many other important divisions. Most notable of these were Animal Husbandry, Animal Nutrition, Animal Pathology, Dairy, and Zoological. These divisions had a multitude of tasks related to animal industry, including research, disease eradication, breeding, inspection, and even marketing of animal products. As the research needs of the bureau changed, so did the divisions; many of them changed names and/or merged with others. In 1942 BAI was placed under the Agricultural Research Administration, which was created to consolidate the work of the USDA's major bureaus. In 1953 the USDA established the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), which abolished the bureau system. The functions of the BAI were transferred to various branches of ARS, mostly to the branches of Animal Inspection and Quarantine, and Animal Disease Eradication. The majority of the original functions of the BAI are now the responsibility of Veterinary Services, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS).
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Last Modified : April 6, 2018

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