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Index to the Manuscript Collections--Search Results

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Collection Number: 217
Collection Name: Agricultural Artifacts Collection
Linear Feet: 20.75
Collection Description: The Agricultural Artifacts Collection consists of a variety of small to medium-sized artifacts relating to agriculture. There are hand scythes from China, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Thailand, and the United States; a cocoa knife from Jamaica; a long scythe blade; and various small metal implements. Other categories of artifacts include tools, models, and research and laboratory devices. Examples include an animal trap, an insect trap, a telescope, a liquid nitrogen carrier, a magnifying eye piece, and models of farmers hoeing and plowing. No specific dates are known. Alice H. Schilberg donated one stereoscope plus one colored image titled "Grounds from the Agricultural Department, Washington, DC." J. F. Harris publishers, Washington, D.C. A plant exploration bag was carried by for U.S. National Arboretum director John L. Creech. The tan bag has a loose top with grommets and rope so it can be pulled shut. There are leather straps for adjusting to a satchel. Creech marked the locations he traveled using marker on the outside of the bag. His journeys include: Japan (1956, 57, and 61), Ethiopa (1958), Hong Kong (1961), India (1962), Nepal (1962), Mexico (1960), USSR (1963), Sikkim (1964), Taiwan (1967), and Siberia (1972).
Formats: Agricultural Art and Memorabilia
Digitization Status: None

Last Modified : April 6, 2018

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