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Collection Number: 413
Collection Name: Frederick Vernon Coville Blueberry Records
Earliest Date: 1907
Latest Date: 1938
Linear Feet: 4
Collection Description: United States Department of Agriculture blueberry records of Frederick Vernon Coville document the earliest crosses of commercial blueberries. Frederick Vernon Coville along with George M. Darrow were the first breeders in the blueberry program. These research notes are primarily Coville's and include a complete description of blueberry plant parentage and field note data. There are daily, pencilled entries about growing plants in research fields and separate notebooks with descriptions of blueberry plant variety characteristics and crosses.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Frederick Vernon Coville (1867-1937) worked for the United States Department of Agriculture as assistant botanist (1888-1893) and botanist (1893-1937). He was instrumental in the establishment of the United States National Arboretum in 1927. He was the first to discover the importance of soil acidity on the growth of blueberries as well as the impact of cold on plants. Through his early work on crossing blueberry plants, he was responsible for the commercialization of blueberries.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 440
Collection Name: Plant Sciences Card Catalog
Latest Date: 1952
Linear Feet: 4308
Collection Description: The Plant Sciences Card Catalog of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Library, developed over half a century, consists of three divisions: author catalog, plant pathology catalog, and subject catalog. Work on all these ceased on July 18, 1952 because of lack of funds. The plant science subject catalog (Botany Subject Index) is a card catalog with entries arranged alphabetically by subject and by scientific names, broken down into divisions and subdivisions of large subjects. Names of genera are arranged under the family, the family names appearing in their regular alphabetical place. Included also are references to literature on many subjects of interest to the botanist, such as textbooks arranged chronologically, voyages and travels, biographies, and geographical botany. It is world-wide in scope and contains references to botanical literature from earliest times as published books and in American and foreign serials of all kinds, journals, proceedings, bulletins, etc. The Bibliography of Agriculture, which started in 1942, includes the types of references covered by the plant science catalog. After the Plant Sciences Card Catalog was no longer updated, users of the Plant Sciences Catalog would have made use of this resource which was updated monthly.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: The "Botany Catalogue" was developed under the supervision of Frederick V. Coville in 1893 and originated in an attempt to enlarge and coordinate the collections of botanical literature in the libraries of Washington.. The nucleus of the catalog was the botanical part of the catalogue of the Department of Agriculture Library. It started as an author list, chiefly used by the Department library in cooperative book buying, but came to be generally consulted by workers in botanical lines and as it grew it became necessary to enlarge its scope and develop a subject catalogue along with it.
Digitization Status: None

Last Modified : April 6, 2018

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