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Index to the Manuscript Collections--Search Results

3 record(s) found

Collection Number: 239
Collection Name: USDA Sugar Crops Section Records
Earliest Date: 1926
Latest Date: 1960
Bulk Dates: 1926-1960
Linear Feet: 32.5
Collection Description: The USDA Sugar Crops Section Records include data sheets, reports, and manuscripts written by various employees; slides, negatives, and photographs of sugar beets; correspondence of George Herbert Coons and Dewey Stewart; and other research files related to sugar beets. The materials are primarily from the administrations of George Herbert Coons and Dewey Stewart. Coons was the Principal Pathologist of the Division of Sugar Plant Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry during the 1930s and 1940s. Stewart was the head of the Sugar Beet Section, Agricultural Research Service during the 1950s and 1960s.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Research to improve sugar production began in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Division of Vegetable Physiology and Pathology during the 1890s. By 1926 the section was named the Office of Sugar Plants, Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI). Other name changes and office re-designations consist of the following: the Division of Sugar Plant Investigations, BPI, in 1931; divisional component of the Field Crops Divisions, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering (BPISAE) in 1946; Field Crops Group, BPSIAE, in 1951; and Sugar Crops Section, Field Crops Research Branch, Agricultural Research Service (ARS), in 1953. This unit was re-designated the Crops Research Division during the 1950s. In 1970 it became the Plant Science Research Division, and in 1972 the research was divided into units located in the regional laboratories of the ARS.
Formats: Photographs
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 256
Collection Name: USDA Division of Agricultural Engineering Records
Earliest Date: 1913
Latest Date: 1981
Bulk Dates: 1919-1940
Linear Feet: 40
Collection Description: The USDA Division of Agricultural Engineering Records contain photographs, glass negatives, and acetate negatives relating to agricultural engineering. Some of the subjects include irrigation, drainage, farm buildings, farm power and machinery, crops and crop conditioning, harvesting, care and handling of products, road construction, and farm electrification. Additionally, there are articles on agricultural engineering and farm electrification, and speeches and papers by Arthur William Turner, Assistant Chief, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering in 1943. Also, there are materials collected for a book to be written on the history of farm electrification by M. Conner Ahrens, assistant chief of the Farm Electrification Research Branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) agricultural engineering research began in the Division of Irrigation Investigations in the Office of Experiment Stations in 1898. By 1915, the Division of Agricultural Engineering was created within the Office of Public Roads and Rural Engineering, Bureau of Plant Industry. Agricultural engineering attained bureau status in 1931 and included the Divisions of Irrigation; Drainage and Soil Erosion Control; Mechanical Equipment; Structures; and Plans and Services. In 1939 a new bureau was created called the Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and Engineering, followed in 1943 by the establishment of the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering. The USDA reorganized in 1953 and the new Agricultural Engineering Research Branch became part of the Agricultural Research Service. In 1957 the branch became its own division with four branches including Crop Production, Livestock Engineering and Farm Structures, Harvesting and Farm Processing, and Farm Electrification. M. Conner Ahrens was former assistant chief of the USDA Farm Electrification Research Branch. Arthur William Turner was Assistant Chief for the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering beginning in 1943.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Digitization Status: None

Collection Number: 276
Collection Name: USDA Engineering Division Personnel Photograph Collection
Earliest Date: 1912
Latest Date: 1940
Linear Feet: 2.25
Collection Description: The USDA Engineering Division Personnel Photograph Collection consists of a photograph album of Engineering Division personnel, including both group and individual shots. Photographs were taken in March 1924 and include staff of Research, Engineering, Grazing, Forest Management, District 7, Operation, Public Relations, Lands, Forester and Branch Chiefs, and Finance and Accounts.
Formats: Photographs

Last Modified : April 6, 2018

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