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3 record(s) found

Collection Number: 159
Collection Name: U.S. Forest Service Smokey Bear Collection
Earliest Date: 1902
Latest Date: 1994
Linear Feet: 119.88
Collection Description: The U.S. Forest Service Smokey Bear Collection consists of audiovisuals, posters, slides, photographs, posters and cartoons, original artwork, and a wide variety of commercial products, some of which are from around the world. In November of 2004, a retired Forest Service employee donated around 22 pieces of memorabilia from the Smokey Sports Collection. One of the Smokey Bear campaigns was to join up with college, minor league, and professional athletes to promote fire prevention awareness. Various memorabilia, such as playing cards, posters, baseball gloves and balls, hockey pucks, batting helmets, activity books, wallets, penants, wrist bands, water bottles, and rally rags, were given away to children at sporting events. In December of 2004, Lew Southard, Branch Chief of Fire Prevention in the Forest Service, donated a 60th Annivesary Smokey Bear Commemorative Doll.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: During World War II, the prevalence of human-caused forest fires and the need for wood compelled the U.S. Forest Service to organize the Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention Campaign. In 1944, as a means of encouraging citizens to participate in fire prevention, the campaign introduced the symbol of a bear, endowed with the evocative name of Smokey. In the spring of 1950, a real cub became a living representation of Smokey Bear when he was saved from a forest fire. The Smokey Bear fire prevention advertising campaign is the best-known character symbol in the world.
Processed: Yes, view the finding aid online.
Formats: Agricultural Art and Memorabilia; Audiovisuals; Posters; Photographs
Digitization Status: Portion of collection digitized

Collection Number: 262
Collection Name: Rudolph Wendelin Collection of Smokey Bear Paintings
Earliest Date: 1977
Latest Date: 1996
Bulk Dates: 1977-96
Linear Feet: 12
Collection Description: The Rudolph Wendelin Collection of Smokey Bear Paintings is composed of 19 oil, acrylic, and/or watercolor paintings ranging in size from 18"x24" to 24"x26."
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Rudolph Wendelin (1910-2000), a sculptor, painter, and illustrator, worked for the U.S. Forest Service from 1933 until his retirement in 1973. Although he was not the creator of Smokey Bear, Wendelin helped establish the first campaign and coordinate the art material. During his career, he made significant developments toward humanizing the Smokey image with the addition of blue jeans, a forest ranger hat, and a shovel, as well as softening the lines of Smokey's face, thus contributing to the bear's success as one of the most recognizable figures in American culture. He also made the first animated television drawings of Smokey, which synchronized voice with the movements of mouth. By retirement, Wendelin had designed six postage stamps and received many honors. After his retirement, he continued to produce images of Smokey Bear for the Advertising Council and other outlets, including these 19 oil paintings, many of which served as the original artwork for calendars.
Formats: Agricultural Art and Memorabilia
Digitization Status: Entire collection digitized

Collection Number: 463
Collection Name: Jean Pablo Collection of Rudy Wendelin Artwork Images
Earliest Date: 1950
Latest Date: 1992
Bulk Dates: 1992
Linear Feet: 0.25
Collection Description: Two one-inch, 10 in. x 11 in. binders containing photographs and copies of artwork collected by Jean Pablo, a US Forest Service co-worker of Rudy Wendelin. One binder contains photographs of prepublication artwork for the book "A Walk in the Woods with Smokey" and one binder contains reflections and photographs of Rudy Wendelin and 8 1/2 x 11 color print-outs of thirty of Wendelin's non-Smokey Bear watercolors, chiefly landscapes in US National Forests.
Historical or Biographical Sketch: Jean Pablo was an historian in the Forest Service who worked with Rudy Wendelin, the creator of one of the most familiar images of Smokey Bear.
Formats: Photographs

Last Modified : April 6, 2018

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