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Staff Directory

For general inquiries please send an email to or call 301-504-5755 or 1-800-633-7701. TDD Machine: 301-504-6856

Names and contact information of our staff
Name Email Phone Number Division
Adams, Kristina 301-504-5486 IPD-DLB
Ahmad, Nina 301-504-5835 IPD-OAD
Allen, Alice 301-504-6627 DPD-AMB
Antognoli, Erin 301-504-9813 KSD
Arbuckle, Peter 301-504-5047 KSD-SDMB
Armstrong, Patrice IPD-ICSB-FNIC
Ball, Sandra 301-504-5170 IPD-ICSB-AWIC
Bauer, Benny IPD-DLB
Bolton, Joyce 301-504-6454 IPD-ICSB-NISIC
Bradsher, Charles 301-504-5040
Campbell, Jeffrey 301-504-5767 KSD-OAD
Carder, Jessie 301-504-5173 IPD-ICSB-AWIC
Chan, Ming 301-504-6566 KSD
Chapman, Vernon 301-504-5681 KSD
Chen, Ruey-Shan 301-504-6432 DPD-IIB
Childers, Christopher 301-504-9092 KSD
Chkhenkeli, Nino KSD
Crittle, Triza 301-504-6222 DPD-DAB
Crone, Vicky 301-504-5210 DPD-AMB
Derr, Kay 301-504-5879 DPD-DAB
Desai, Prema DPD-AMB
Diker, Zeynep 301-504-9120 IPD-ICSB-FSRIO
Donahue, Rachel IPD-DLB
Edwards, Erika
Elattar, Marwy DPD-IIB
Ellis, Aisha 301-504-5173
Fisher, Ray 301-504-7095 DPD-IIB
Flood, Jamie 301-504-7230
Gordon, Vanessa 301-504-5440 IPD
Graves, Patsy 301-504-7571 DPD-AMB
Green, Romando 301-504-5571 OD
Hanscom, Scott 301-504-6999 IPD
Hanscom, Scott 301-504-6999 OD
Harmon, Kelly 301-504-5788 IPD-DLB
Jackson, Sandy 301-504-5574 OD
James-Holly, Dawanna 301-504-6474 IPD-ICSB-FSRIO
Kahn, Ezra 301-504-9831 KSD-SDEB
Kramer, Wendy DPD-AMB
Kull, Jessie 301-504-9045
Lee, Sara 301-504-9827 DPD-DAB
Li, Ying 301-504-6686 ISD-AB
Lohrey, Melissa 301-504-5040 DPD
Marsh, Emily 301-504-5936 IPD-DLB
Martinez, Carlos 301-504-7564 DPD-AMB
McCullough, Michal 301-504-6089 IPD-ICSB
McGervey, Teresa DPD
Moore, Beata 301-504-9808 DPD
Nelson, Kirstin 301-504-6500 IPD-ICSB
Nsoedo, Patricia 301-504-5341 DPD-IIB
Owens, Ynetta 301-504-5570 OD-AO
Panzer, Sherry 301-504-5371 ISD-AB
Parr, Cynthia 301-504-9801 KSD-OAD
Pearson, Matthew DPD-DAB
Phelps, Susan 301-504-5869 ISD-STB
Pieper, Ursula 301-504-9320 ISD-AB
Poelchau, Monica 301-504-9814 KSD
Ribeiro, David 301-504-5854 ISD-STB
Ritchie, Stephanie IPD-ICSB-CSU
Robinson, Chaprie 301-504-7941 OD-AD
Rodriguez, Cynthia
Rojas, Annette 301-504-5035 DPD-AMB
Romero, Ricardo S. 301-504-5066 ISD
Rosa, Iris 301-504-5248 OD
Rose, Isaac DPD
Ruminski, Clayton DPD-DAB
Schoepke, Timothy 301-504-9871 IPD-ICSB
Schoppet, Charles 301-504-6678 ISD-AB
Schoppet, Christopher 301-504-6043 ISD-STB
Sharp, Keisha 301-504-5573
Shaw, Wendy 301-504-6369 IPD-ICSB
Sichelman, Karen 301-504-5418 DPD-AMB
Sideck, Colleen 301-504-5414 IPD-ICSB-FNIC
Siessler, Rachel DPD
Sogonov, Mikhail 301-504-5052 DPD-IIB
Suri, Sujata 301-504-5058 DPD-IIB
Sussman, Carole DPD-AMB
Thiele, Tom 301-504-6750 ISD-STB
Thompson, Earl 301-504-6041 IPD-ICSB-CSU
Thompson, Rebecca 301-504-6908 IPD-ICSB-SSCP
Tobey, Elizabeth IPD-ICSB-AWIC
Toefield, Cheryl 301-504-5367 IPD-ICSB-CSU
Veal, Pamela 301-504-6780 OD
Weddington, Daniel DPD-DAB
Wester, Paul 301-504-5248 KSD-OAD
Wester, Paul 301-504-5248 OD
Williams, Raymond 301-504-7638 DPD-DAB
Woodward-Greene, Jennifer 301-504-6853 DPD-IIB
Wu, Xiwen 301-504-6560 DPD-AMB
Wunsch, Diane 301-504-5876 DPD-DAB
Xu, Amanda 301-504-9033 IPD-ICSB
Young, Stephanie 301-504-6813 ISD-OAD