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Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) and Related Publications

Dynamic Bibliographies

Below are dynamic bibliographies on topics relevant to the Conservation Effects Assessment Project.

WAIC dynamic bibliographies provide you with information on a topic from NAL AGRICOLA database. The term "dynamic" refers to the fact that a new bibliography is generated each time you use the link, so the bibliography's citations are always up-to-date. Review the benefits and limitations of getting information this way.

The Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) is a multi-agency effort to evaluate the environmental effects of conservation practices and programs and build the science base for managing the agricultural landscape for environmental quality. WAIC has supported CEAP information projects since 2003.


Information covering the effects of agricultural conservation practices on erosion and sedimentation, nitrogen, pathogens, pesticides, phosphorus, and fish and wildlife.


Look here for information generated by ARS, NIFA and NRCS through the Conservation Effects Assessment Project, including results from CEAP watershed studies.