Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Tool Screen.

USDA. NAL. Water and Agriculture Information Center.

Offers a dynamic search of the NAL catalog (AGRICOLA) article citations on precision agriculture from 1995. A different dynamic search on precision agriculture is also available.

USDA. National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

"Through program leadership and grants, NIFA, emphasizes the use of information and precision technologies to deliver decision tools that improve management capabilities for agricultural, food, forestry, and community enterprises."

NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center; Global Science and Technology, Inc.

"A case study exploring precision agriculture from the perspective of the consumer or 'enduser' giving special attention to data and information services useful in precision agriculture involving an individual farm. Additional stakeholder viewpoints on requirements include agribusiness, various government agencies, and research communities."

Kansas State University Research and Extension.

Agricultural Research Center-Hays conducts a comparison of "Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) correction sources (Coast Guard Beacon, FAA WAAS, and OmniSTAR) in both static and dynamic modes."

University of Georgia. National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory.

"Focused on precision water applications, aerial imagery and new sensing technologies for yield monitoring and pest detection."

University of Minnesota. Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. Soil, Water and Climate.

Offers research, outreach, and education covering "spatial and temporal variability in crop yield and quality, soil and landscape attributes, and precision crop management practices."

Purdue University. College of Agriculture.

"Develops and disseminates information about site-specific management methods that are profitable and practical for agricultural producers and those who supply inputs or process products."

Potash and Phosphate Institute.

A series to provide a mechanism to assemble expert knowledge in a timely fashion on site-specific management in a form useful to farmers and their advisers.