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Social and Legal Issues

NRCS agent working with a local farmer to go over their contract.

Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service.

Explains different tax topics relating to agriculture practices, financial resources, foreign workers, etc.

EPA. Office of Wetlands.

Contains information on volunteer water quality monitoring, including issues of the Volunteer Monitor, a newsletter which "facilitates the exchange of ideas, monitoring methods, and practical advice among volunteer environmental monitoring groups across the nation."

Forum on Hispanic Health and Safety; Environmental Protection Agency; National Safety Council; Pan American Health

A manual to help "Hispanic CBOs grow, thrive, and find the financial and technical resources available to address pressing environmental health and safety issues."

Agricultural Law Information Partnership.

Information from the Agricultural Law Information Partnership that includes basic definitions, organizations involved in the area of water and agriculture intersection, and links to other legal information sources and multimedia.

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) works with agricultural producers to minimize water quality and quantity issues by using best management practices. A clean and plentiful water supply is essential for productive agriculture to supply the public with adequate food and fiber. But agriculture, like other land uses, can sometimes negatively affect water quality."