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Social and Legal Issues

NRCS agent working with a local farmer to go over their contract.


Provides a list of laws and regulations governing U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) activities, covering environmental, wildlife, remote sensing, etc.

EPA. Office of Wetlands.

Contains information on volunteer water quality monitoring, including issues of the Volunteer Monitor, a newsletter which "facilitates the exchange of ideas, monitoring methods, and practical advice among volunteer environmental monitoring groups across the nation."

North American Commission on Environmental Cooperation.

Provides access to environmental law in North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) countries, Canada, Mexico and the United States. With the NACEC Transboundary Agreements Infobase find agreements and treaties covering transboundary environmental cooperation.

Cornell University. Law School. Legal Information Institute.

Provides access to federal environmental statutes, the Code of Federal Regulations and links to state statutes and regulations.

Environmental Law Institute.

Examines "enforceable mechanisms the states have available to them, the scope of the existing mechanisms used by the states, and the general limitations and impediments that accompany some of these mechanisms, in order to inform the nation's policy decisions on the remaining nonpoint problem."

Forum on Hispanic Health and Safety; Environmental Protection Agency; National Safety Council; Pan American Health

A manual to help "Hispanic CBOs grow, thrive, and find the financial and technical resources available to address pressing environmental health and safety issues."

Agricultural Law Information Partnership.

Information from the Agricultural Law Information Partnership; includes links to other legal information sources and multimedia.