Which HTML coding is allowed?


Some characters have a special meaning in XML.

If a “less than”( "<" ) character is placed inside an XML element, it will generate an error because the metadata parser interprets it as the start of a new element.

It will generate an XML error:
<abstract> if salary < 1000 then </abstract>.

To avoid this error, replace the "<" character with an entity reference:

<abstract> if salary &lt; 1000 then </abstract>

There are 5 predefined symbols that need to be converted to codes:

Less than:   <   use     &lt;
More than:  >   use     &gt;
Ampersand: &   use     &amp;
Apostrophe:  '   use     &apos;
Quotation:    "   use     &quot;

No other HTML coding will be accepted.

Subscripts and superscripts are acceptable with no coding. H20

Scientific notation should not be translated. Submit as is. 9.6 x 104 cfu/ml

The metadata should be in plain text without coding for italics. Encoding="UTF-8"