Victory Garden Insect Guide


Victory Garden Insect Guide

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Now, in time of war, the need for maximum production of food is more important than ever before. Our Government is asking urban as well as rural people to contribute their share again this year in meeting our huge food requirements. They can do this by growing Victory Gardens to supply their home needs for vegetables, thus releasing food produced from other sources to feed our fighters, our allies, and our workers on the home front.

Twenty-two million Victory Gardens is the goal set for 1944. This means that we need about 16 million city, town, and suburban gardens.

Insects that feed on garden crops must be controlled. In this guide the gardener will find a general discussion of insects and their control. Insects having the same or similar habits are listed together, and methods for combating them are given. No attempt is made to discuss each insect separately, or to give as wide a variety of control measures as commercial growers would need. A knowledge of insects and their food habits will be useful in applying control measures and will also lessen the sometimes groundless fear of damage they may cause. For example, many insects that will not cause crop damage will be found in the garden, their presence being merely incidental.


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AWI: Number 95