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The Small Vegetable Garden: Suggestions for Utilizing Limited Areas

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BY THE exercise of care and forethought in planting succession crops and rotations and by the utilization of every foot of available space it is possible to grow considerable quantities of vegetables on limited areas and so supplement the family food supply. The principal factors in accomplishing this are the use of seed boxes and hotbeds to give…

Guide For Planning The Local Victory Garden Program

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The Victory Garden Program will :

1. Increase the production and consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits by more and better home, school, and community gardens, to the end that we become a stronger and healthier Nation.

2. Encourage the proper storage and preservation of the surplus from such…

Victory Farm Volunteers of the U.S. Crop Corps Need 500,000 Boys and Girls

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The farmer has one of the Nation's most important jobs. Uncle Sam has called on him to raise food for our fighting men, our war workers, and our allies. His sons and hired men may be in the armed forces or working in war plants. More food than ever must be produced with fewer people to do it. Everybody who can must…

Going Our Way?: To Work For Victory On The Farm Front

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Are you one of the million or more patriotic boys and girls who worked on a farm last summer? If so, the farmers need your help again. In fact, as long as the war creates this serious manpower shortage on the farm, your help is needed. If you have never been on a farm before, don't let that stop…

Join Us On The Farm Front: Be A Victory Farm Volunteer of the U.S. Crop Corps

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Some 900,000 of you responded to the Nation's call for helpon the farm front last year. You helped farmers to produce the largest crop in our country's history — food for our fighting men, our allies, and ourselves. This year even more food is needed; food for a bigger army, more for…

Youth Learns and Earns While Helping on Farms With the Victory Farm Volunteers

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1. ALL THE FOOD American farmers can produce will be needed in 1946. They have been called upon to keep production at the highest level possible because of the great demand for food here at home and abroad. The world food situation is even more serious than it was during the war.

2. FARM LABOR shortages still exist.…

Youth Can Help

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Youth Are Available Again

Victory Farm Volunteers — city and town boys and girls — are again being recruited to help the Nation meet the food emergency. Do you need more help on your farm this year? If so, perhaps youth is the answer to your problem.

The farm-labor shortage in many areas of the Nation is just about as serious as it was in…

Youth Lends A Hand: Victory Farm Volunteer

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Who Are the VFV's?

Victory Farm Volunteers are the Nation's town and city youth who are helping farmers with their production job in every State in the Union- soldiers of the soil in war and peace. Marching 875,000 strong in 1944, and using dungarees, overalls, or just plain old clothes as their uniforms, they went to war against the farm labor…

Farm Work for City Youth

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This publication concerns an urban youth farm-work program. It is presented by the Extension Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture in the interests of America's town and city youth as well as its farmers.

The material is based on 4 years' experience with the Victory Farm Volunteers youth recruited for farm work under the emergency farm…

Victory Garden Kit: Your Victory Garden Program

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In view of the fact that our food situation is good, some people have been asking whether we should continue the garden program next year. To my mind the answer to this question is very simple: the answer is yes.

Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens
IN TIMES OF WAR the country’s food supply for civilians may be smaller even though total production is greatly increased. The burdens of World War II are already creating serious food-production, distribution, and preservation problems. Labor and machinery shortages interfere with production; overloaded railroads and restricted motor transport…

Victory Gardeners Seed and Plant Guide

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The quantities of seeds and plants recommended should be ample to plant the number of feet of row necessary to fulfill the needs of a family of four adults and should provide plenty for canning, storing or preserving by other methods as well as for fresh use during the summer.

Victory Garden Insect Guide

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Now, in time of war, the need for maximum production of food is more important than ever before. Our Government is asking urban as well as rural people to contribute their share again this year in meeting our huge food requirements. They can do this by growing Victory Gardens to supply their home needs for vegetables, thus releasing food produced…

Victory Garden: Leader's Handbook

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This handbook offers some suggestions to those "who are leading the great drive for Victory Gardens,” and points out certain things to watch out for - common errors which waste seed, fertilizer, land arid labor, and therefore must be most carefully avoided in wartime.

More and Better Victory Gardens Needed in 1945

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More and better victory gardens are needed now than ever before. The food situation is such that every family with suitable open garden space at home, or with convenient access to vacant lot or community gardens, should have an adequate victory garden. This is more urgent than in any year since war started. The requirements of our armed forces will…

Garden and Conserve to Save What We've Won

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Latest reports from all parts of the world show that the food shortage In Europe and Asia has developed Into an International crisis - far worse than was indicated three months ago. The situation calls for Immediate, decisive action. Drastic measures are being taken by our Government and by the United Nations, but every citizen of the United States…

Permanent Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

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THE GROWING of small fruits and permanent vegetables in home gardens provides a greater variety of food. About 90 out of every 100 farms in the United States have upon them some form of a home garden or source of supply of fresh vegetables. Many of these gardens include, in addition to the annual vegetables, small fruits and certain of the…

Illustrated Lecture on the City and Suburban Vegetable Garden

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A well-planned and carefully tended garden is one of the 1 most pleasant and satisfying pieces of work in which the city or suburban family can utilize its spare time. If the garden soil 2 is properly prepared and a little attention is given the garden as required the work need not become a burden on the members of the household.

Gardening the…

Growing Vegetables in Town and City

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SO MUCH has been said and written in the past few years about "scientific/arming" and "scientific gardening" that there is danger of the uninformed person being led to believe that farming and gardening are sciences. While important advances have been made in plant and animal production through the work of scientists: farming and gardening are…

The Farm Garden

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FARM GARDENS, maintained on about four-fifths of the farms in the United States as a source of wholesome family food supply, are annually saving millions of dollars for the farmers of the country. A well-cared-for garden will yield a greater return per acre than any similar area on the farm devoted to regular farm crops.

A good garden adds very…