School Gardening for Little Children


School Gardening for Little Children

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The child at play in make-believe and game, at work in garden, is thus a true technodramatist, from whom would-be educators, be they scientific or technical, have much to learn before they can adequately teach.

But life and education are more than industry, and even art ? Assuredly; but so also is a child's garden. Here in this modest little volume are also indications enough of how each teacher, in her own way — not necessarily yours nor mine — may express to her charges her poetic associations, her aspirations, and ideals.

Here, then, from the kindergartens, so long repressed and despised, and still by many so grudgingly tolerated, there are arising examples and influences towards the needed transformation, alike of the material environment and of the inward functioning of our schools, at all levels. Nay, pointing and leading directly towards the needed transformation of our whole modern city development; for it will be for this coming generation of child-gardeners themselves to make the Garden City.


Latter, Lucy R.
Patrick Geddes, Introduction


London: Swan Sonnenschein & Company, Limited