Aberdeen Gardens Project of the Farm Security Administration


Aberdeen Gardens Project of the Farm Security Administration

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subsistence housing


Aberdeen Gardens, near Newport News, Virginia, was built by the Farm Seourity Administration to provide hones and gardens for 158 low- income Negro families.

Housing for low-income workers in Newport News does not meet adequate standards. The majority of the working families live in old frame homes that are often lighted with coal oil lamps, have no running water, central heating, or bathrooms. This is particularly true of the Negro homes. Aberdeen Gardens was designed to give these colored fami- lies a ohance to buy or rent good homes. Furthermore, in order that the workers could profitably use the seasonal summer slack in employment, and to show the value of a large carefully cultivated garden, each house was placed on a half -acre tract.

The 444 acre project lies approximately 4 miles from the shopping oenter of Newport News. There are 52 three room houses, 80 of four rooms, and 26 five room houses. All are two stories high and simply designed. They have brick veneer walls, concrete foundations, wood shingle roofs, are thoroughly insulated, and have garage-laundries attached.


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