School and Home Gardening: A Text-Book for Young People


School and Home Gardening: A Text-Book for Young People

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The author has tried to make this little volume so full of useful hints and practical instruction for young people, teachers, and parents, that it will lead to the making of many good home gardens in both city and country.

The school garden movement should have for its main object the starting of home gardens by both young and old. All other objects of school gardening, as herein enumerated, should be given a trend towards this one great aim.

In this volume many simple home and school exercises are briefly outlined, for the purpose of developing the under- lying principles. It will be found that the trial of these exercises will develop much thought in the young mind, and a greater interest will be maintained.

Suggestions to teachers and club leaders are given in Part III. The first two chapters of the book should also be read by leaders in the garden work.

Beginners will find the garden calendars and planting tables very helpful. The illustrations have been chosen chiefiy for instruction and suggestion rather than for mere interest.


Davis, Kary Cadmus


Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company