Soil Conservation




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How to restore and maintain the productivity of the soil is the most important phase of the conservation problem. We are no longer a new nation. We have deluded ourselves with the idea that we have unbounded resources in land, in forests, in mineral wealth. We have been prodigal in the utilization of these, resources. We must now pay the penalty of this prodigality. In many of our older communities soil fertility has been reduced below the point of profitable production. Nation-wide effort at the present time, through federal and state agency, is directed toward the restoration of fertility in these localities. On the prairies of the West fertility is beginning to wane. In order that our heritage in the prairie country may not follow the descent of the East and the South, it is necessary that intelligent and vigorous effort be made to farm correctly. We must cease abusing the soil. The renting of land on short leases for the purpose of growing grain for market is one of the surest means of reducing the productive power of the soil. The domestic animal, with well-managed pastures and rational systems of crop rotation, is preeminently adapted to the development of permanent systems of profitable farming. Landowners must realize this and must take steps to improve renting methods by stocking farms with a full complement of domestic animals, where the renter is not able to do this for himself, and by giving longer leases, whereby the renter may reap the reward of intelligent management.


Soil Conservation


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