Lessons in Elementary Agriculture for Alabama Schools



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The fact that many States now require the teaching of agriculture in the elementary grades makes it important that much attention be given to the subject matter. This bulletin presents lessons in agriculture adapted to the conditions in Alabama. The purpose is to suggest a plan by which the States may adapt instruction in agriculture to local needs. The selecting of a particular State in this instance has been made to show the manner in which such a plan may be definitely worked out. Although the department does not contemplate issuing publications of this kind for other States, it stands ready to co-operate in making studies as to agricultural and school conditions and in outlining courses adapted to the conditions.

A monthly sequence plan is followed in the presentation of these lesson topics, the purpose being to teach principles at the season when they are or should be practiced. Only the salient features of each lesson topic are outlined in this publication, but specific references are made to the State adopted textbook in agriculture and to bulletins of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala., and to Farmers' Bulletins of the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. The references are made for two purposes, namely, to supplement the textbook material and to provide a reading course for the teacher. Any teacher who secures these bulletins and studies them carefully will have completed a good elementary course in agriculture, It is suggested that agriculture and some other subject such as physiology be alternated throughout the school year. Two lessons a week for eight months are necessary to complete the work in agriculture. If the school year is shorter, it will be necessary to have three lessons a week to complete the course.

Practical exercises are suggested in connection with each lesson. If this course is to be made most effective, however, the practical work should take the direction very largely of club activities or home projects.


Lessons in Elementary Agriculture for Alabama Schools
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