Lessons on Cotton for Elementary Schools



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National Agricultural Library



These outlines of lessons on cotton are intended as aids in teaching the subject in the seventh or eighth grades of elementary schools. They should be especially helpful to teachers in rural consolidated schools, where facilities for handling the subject are generally better than in the ordinary one-room country school. However, the teachers in one-room schools should find much of this material useful, since their needs also have been kept in mind in the preparation of the outlines. The lessons furnish only special features of the subject and are not intended to be exhaustive, since it is expected that the teacher and pupils will have at least one elementary textbook of agriculture.

The teacher should make a special effort to obtain the farmers' bulletins referred to in this publication and should keep them on file in the school for ready reference. Publications from the local State college of agriculture and other sources bearing upon the subject should be obtained as far as practicable.

The lessons do not follow a logical order, but are arranged according to seasons, beginning with the opening of the fall term. As far as possible the instruction in the school and the home projects should follow the regular round of operations on the farm. The project should comprise not less than 1 acre of cotton.


Lessons on Cotton for Elementary Schools