Legume Hays for Milk Production





AN ABUNDANCE of home-grown legume hay establishes a basis for an economical dairy ration.

Legumes are superior to other hays in palatability, in quantity and quality of the proteins furnished, and in content of lime. As a class they yield more nutrients per acre than do nonlegumes, and protein is obtained at a lower cost.

In spite of these facts, only 41 per cent of the hay grown in the United States is legume hay. In the North Central and North Atlantic States, which contain 66 per cent of all the dairy cows, the farmers grow 2 tons of nonlegume to 1 ton of legume hay.

Leafy, small-stemmed hay, cut before it is too mature and properly cured without being rained on is best.

Alfalfa hay is considered best for dairy cows, followed closely by clover and the annual legumes, such as soy beans and cowpeas.


Legume Hays for Milk Production