Farm Household Accounts




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HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES on the farm are very intimately associated with the business of the farm itself. The farm normally supplies much material which otherwise would become a household expense. The household, in turn, very often furnishes board for farm labor, which would otherwise be a farm expense. Merely from the standpoint of keeping track of household expenses as related to the farm business, "household accounts are desirable and should serve to supplement and round out farm accounts.

But the value of household accounts goes beyond this. Such accounts are an important aid to economy. A dollar saved is a dollar made, and the first step toward the saving usually lies in finding out where unnecessary expenses are incurred. This can be determined only by keeping careful records of expenses for the whole year.

Generations ago neither the farm nor the farm household had any but minor dealings with the outside world. Under such conditions the need for accounts was slight. But those conditions no longer exist. The farm household, though still in many cases receiving its major support in farm products consumed at home, purchases far more extensively than ever before from outside sources. Farm household accounts have become essential to economy.


Farm Household Accounts