How Teachers May Use Farmers' Bulletin 1148: Cowpeas: Culture and Varieties



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National Agricultural Library


THE TEACHING OF AGRICULTURE in any community should have a vital connection with the problems of the farms of that community. Pupils are interested in those things about which they have some knowledge. The type of agriculture practiced in the community can be used to the best advantage in teaching. Therefore the teacher should organize the available subject matter which is of community interest and present it in such a manner that it will touch closely the life and experiences of the pupils. In order to do this the teacher must be familiar with the agricultural interests of the community.

For the purpose of assisting teachers in work of this kind circulars suggesting how teachers may profitably use information contained in certain publications of the United States Department of Agriculture are prepared from time to time. It is hoped that these circulars will serve to improve methods of instruction in agriculture and related subjects in the schools, and that a closer relation will be established between the work of the school and the interests of the community.

While these circulars are prepared more especially for teachers in elementary schools, they may serve as a basis for instruction in agriculture in secondary schools in urban as well as in rural schools.

The topics as outlined in this circular and the method of presentation should be of distinct value to teachers of agriculture in teaching the culture and varieties of cowpeas.


How Teachers May Use Farmers' Bulletin 1148: Cowpeas: Culture and Varieties