Lessons on Cotton for the Rural Common Schools



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National Agricultural Library


In the cotton States the importance of elementary agriculture as a school subject is very generally recognized, and it is now being taught to a greater or less extent in a large proportion of the rural schools. More and more it is becoming a part of the daily program of the schools.

It is hoped that these lessons, exercises, and references on the growing of cotton, based on economic production and properly supervised, may serve as a supplement to the organized school work in elementary agriculture, contributing in a very definite way elements that can be obtained by no other means.

The application of the lessons as outlined here will put the boy at actual farm problems where the expenditure of more or less money is necessary and where profitable incomes may be expected. Thus, through textbook instruction, laboratory exercises, correlations, and practical work in the growing of cotton on the home farm, this bulletin will aid in developing the real educational value of this study.


Lessons on Cotton for the Rural Common Schools