Common Errors in Cotton Production




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IMPROVEMENT of cotton production in the United States depends largely upon getting rid of numerous errors in production practice which are widely current and commonly overlooked, even among well-informed people.

General disregard of quality in cotton buying, effects of mixing and changing seed, of planting inferior varieties, and of carelessness in handling and ginning the cotton are discussed in this bulletin.

Progressive farmers and local leaders are advised to direct their efforts toward establishing community production of single varieties of cotton. Without such production there is little possibility of making effective use of superior varieties or of obtaining advantage from other improvement measures.

In the absence of any domestic use for raw cotton a higher return from his cotton is the only benefit which the farmer can expect from improvement of its quality. If better varieties are to be grown extensively, cotton must be bought on a basis of quality and not at "hog-round" prices. Organized community production of one variety will facilitate this change. There can be no assurance of better prices for better cotton except in communities which produce uniform standardized fiber in commercial quantities.


Common Errors in Cotton Production