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Profits in Poultry Keeping Solved: Best Authority on Poultry Raising. Save Labor, Time and Expense

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Just a few words in the way of introduction to those who have never heard of me or of my new methods. I was born a poultryman; my father before me bred fancy stock all his life; from a small boy I gathered the eggs, took charge of the poultry, exhibited them at the county shows and had birds of my own. I have bred fancy stock all my life and tried…

The Poultryman's Formulary: Reliable, Successful, Tested Recipes for Ready-Mixed Grain Foods. How to Prepare Balanced Rations for Poultry, Young or Old. Formulae of Useful Remedies, Condition Powders, Lice-Killing Mixtures, Roup Cure, Egg Foods, Tonics, Whitewash for Spraying, etc

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The Poultryman's Formulary is compiled at the request of many friends who desire to have in brief and convenient form for reference the best of many formulae for poultry rations, condition powders, remedies and insecticides, which I have used from time to time during more than twenty years of practical experience with poultry.

Some of the…