Series VII. Photographs

Scope and Content Note

Photographs and other graphic images, including photoprints, slides, filmstrips, and non-photographic prints such as etchings and woodcuts. Most of the photographs have been separated from other series in the collection, including the Class File (Series II). There are also photographs collected by Emerson Brooks, an employee of the Statistical Reporting Service, and other photographs and photo albums found among ERS records. The vast bulk of the photos are modern gelatin silver prints. This series also includes some printed material such as captions, brochures, letters, notes, pages torn from texts, and booklets and pamphlets, that are either directly or tangentially related to specific photographs.

Bulk Dates

ca. 1860-1995


7 cubic ft.

Items in Series VII. Photographs

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Alice Cary Atwood

Miss Alice Cary Atwood, joint compiler of a well-known catalog of botanical literature, is a contributor to scientific journals, and in the course of her work has visited most of the important botanical collections in the country.

The Boll Weevil Monument, Enterprise, Alabama.

"After the boll weevil destroyed (1910-15) the area's cotton, diversified farming was begun. In gratitude for the resulting prosperity, the city erected a monument to the boll weevil in 1919."

Emma B. Hawks

Emma B. Hawks is known by agricultural librarians and agricultural workers in all parts of the country by her outstanding ability to bring the right books and the right users together.

Agriculture and Rural History Section

Photograph of the Agricultural and Rural History Section, about 1963. The members of the section were receiving an award for the publication of Century of Service, the Centennial history of the Department of Agriculture. Left to right, the staff…
Mabel Colcord

Mabel Colcord is the author of an extensive index to the literature of American economic entomology that is used by entomologists all over the world.

Mary Goodwin Lacy

Mary Goodwin Lacy has made at least two studies that are more exhaustive than any others made in their respective fields: A study and bibliography of the literature of maize and a study of Government food control and its results since 2800 B.C.

Arlington Farm

View of the Arlington Experimental Farm, on the southern bank of the Potomac River, October 1907. Part of this land is now the site of the Pentagon. The Custis-Lee Mansion can be seen on the hillside in the distance.Series VII.1, Photographs, Box…

An irrigation channel on a cattle ranch in the Yampa River valley, Colorado, September 1941. USDA photograph by Wolcott, no. N-6059 (58844 FSA).
Concord Grapevine

The original Concord grapevine, developed by Ephraim Wales Bull in Concord, Massachusetts, 1849.
Big Ox

The American Mammoth Ox, Brother Jonathan. Weighing 4,000 Pounds, or 500 Stone,--of Beautiful Proportions. This astonishing Animal was Six Years old on the 15th May, 1839. Colour, Dapple Bay. Was bred by the Honourable ISAAC HUBBARD, in the Town of…

Churning Butter

Mrs. Grace Herr churns butter on her farm home outside Lockport, Niagara County, New York. She has been doing it this way for the last ten years. July 1944.

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver (1864-1943), renowned agricultural chemist, working in his laboratory.
New House. USDA History Collection

Before and after pictures of a home in Oklahoma improved through an Extension Service program on Low-Cost Rural Housing, 1940. These photographs were included in a batch of letters from County Agents in the South discussing their ideas and activities…
Farm fencing

Fence built on contour between pasture and strip cropped fields which affords more uniform strips and row crop cultivation.

Forest Ranger

Red Slate Mountain, elev. 13,163', on the Crest of the Sierras from the Grassy Lake--Peter Pande Trail. District Ranger Arnold Snyder in scene.

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