Factors That Make for Success in Farming in the South




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THE FARMER invests capital in land, labor, and equipment for the production of crops, of live stock, and of animal products. It is self-evident that to reach the highest return for time and capital expended he must use his land and equipment, and expend his labor and supplies, with the greatest efficiency and economy possible under his particular climatic, soil, and economic conditions, and according to the information available as to the practices best suited to that environment.

To determine whether he is managing his farm to the best advantage, it is desirable that he not only keep such records as will enable him to make an analysis of his farm business, but also that he compare notes with others to gain knowledge and efficiency from their experience.

These records may range from simple accounts to elaborate systems of bookkeeping, showing receipts, expenses, and inventories for the farm as a whole, or even to complete cost-account records for each individual enterprise on the farm.

The following summary of the business of a Southern farm will give a general idea of the nature of the facts that may be emphasized by keeping farm records.


Factors That Make for Success in Farming in the South