Home Gardening in the South




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A WELL-KEPT vegetable garden is a source not only of profit to the gardener but of pleasure to the entire family. For many vegetables which deteriorate rapidly in quality after being gathered, the only practicable means of securing the best is to grow them at home. This is especially true of garden peas, sweet corn, string beans, green Lima beans, and asparagus.

The land utilized for the farm garden, if well cared for, yields much larger returns than any area of similar size planted to the usual farm crops. A half acre garden should produce as much in money value as 2 or 3 acres in general farm crops.

In most sections of the South, though vegetables can be grown in nearly every month of the year, the garden is neglected; in fact, no feature of southern agriculture is more neglected than the production of vegetables for home use.

In the following pages specific instructions are given for making a garden and caring for it throughout the season.


Home Gardening in the South