What is Farm Management?



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Farm management treats of the business of farming from the following standpoints:

(1) Relative desirability of farming and other lines of business.

(2) Selection of the farm.

(3) Organization and equipment of the farm.

(4) Farm operation.

In the brief consideration that can be given the subject here no attempt will be made to treat of these subdivisions exhaustively; nothing further will be attempted than to make clear the nature of the subject, to present an outline of it, and to point out some of the services it can be made to render to the farmer. In the literature of the subject certain parts of farm management have received more adequate treatment than others, and these are presented here in brief outline. Other parts of the subject are newer and have not received adequate treatment in the literature of the subject, for which reason they are treated at greater length in this bulletin.


The relative desirability of farming as compared with other occupations is largely a personal matter and must be determined by the circumstances, tastes, and desires of the individual concerned.

Considered from the standpoint of stability, safety, and profitableness there are considerable differences between farming and other lines of business. It is for the most part made up of small independent units. Farming is, perhaps, more stable and less susceptible to serious interruption from disturbances in the financial world than any other business. On the other hand, it is perhaps more dependent on the elements than any other form of business. In addition, the average profits in farming are small.


What is Farm Management?