Pork on the Farm: Killing, Curing, and Canning



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National Agricultural Library



EVERY FARM should produce the pork and pork products which are consumed on that farm. Selling hogs and buying pork involves profits, but not for the farmer engaged in the practice.

Home curing of pork is an old practice. It nearly went out of style, but the style is rapidly becoming popular again.

Home-cured pork, fresh-canned pork, sausage, pudding, scrapple, headcheese, pickled pigs' feet, and lard afford a variety of products to supplement the daily meals.

Preparations of highly nutritious and palatable pork products for home use are easily made.

This publication discusses the details of converting the farm-grown hog into high-class, appetizing, nutritious foods available for use in the fresh, cured, or canned state at any season of the year.


Pork on the Farm: Killing, Curing, and Canning