Rice and Its By-Products for Feeding Livestock



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The annual production of rice in the United States has increased in the last 30 years from about 100,000 tons of milled rice to more than 500,000 tons. Approximately 40,000 tons of rice bran, 15,000 tons of rice polish, and at least 10,000 tons of brewers' rice are available annually for livestock feeding.

In parts of the coastal plain of the Gulf States, where about three-fifths of the rice crop of the United States is produced, it is the most important grain crop. In southwestern Louisiana and southeastern Texas it is the principal source of cash income. In some parishes and counties in this area more than 75 per cent of the cultivated land is used in a rotation which includes the growing of rice. Other rice-producing areas of nearly equal importance are the grand prairie of Arkansas and the Sacramento Valley of California.


Rice and Its By-Products for Feeding Livestock