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Poultry Management

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This bulletin contains an account of the methods of poultry management in use at this Station, including methods of incubation, treatment and housing of young chicks, a description of the warmed and curtained front houses, the trap nests, and methods of feeding laying hens.

Fowls: Care and Feeding

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The wide distribution of domestic fowls throughout the United States and the general use made of their products make poultry of interest to a large number of people. Breeders are continually striving to improve the fowls for some particular purpose, and to excel all predecessors in producing just what the market demands for beauty or utility; but…

The Leghorns: Brown, White, Black, Buff and Duckwing

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A Favorite Family Fowl, That Is Equally at Home on the Farm and in the Show Room—A Glance at Their Present Standing, With a Few Remarks on Type and Color—The Standard Down-to-Date—Browns, Whites, Blacks, Buffs, Duckwings.

Leghorns, figuratively speaking, cover the earth. Take the world over, and Leghorns, perhaps,…

Poultry Feeding and Fattening: Including Preparation for Market, Special Finishing Methods, As Practiced by American and Foreign Experts, Handling Broilers, Capons, Waterfowl, etc

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The weak point in general poultry books has been the scant attention given to the subject of the standard and improved methods of feeding and marketing. The result is that the practical knowledge of these branches of poultry keeping has lagged behind the others.

Of all live stock, poultry is most often misfed, overfed or underfed. Conditions…

Poultry-Craft: A Textbook for Poultry Keepers. What To Do. How To Do It. Completely Indexed for the Convenience of Busy People

For those who want to know about poultry keeping, for those who wish to learn poultry keeping, and for poultry keepers who cannot always remember things they know at the moment they happen to need them, this book was written: to the small army of writers of permanent and current poultry literature, nearly every one of whom has in some way…