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Poultry House Construction

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Hens need a comfortable house, one that is dry and roomy, with plenty of fresh air and sunlight. It never pays to overcrowd them.

A plain shed-roof house is most economical, and most satisfactory. It should be so arranged that it will be easy to clean and for general convenience.

It is easier to keep the birds healthy, and to reproduce the…

Poultry Houses

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Poultry houses or other buildings where fowls are kept should be dry, well ventilated, free from drafts, with plenty of sunshine and room enough to allow the birds to move about with freedom and comfort. These are necessary factors, in fact much more important than the kind or style of building used, if the fowls are to be kept healthy, vigorous,…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: V. The Bantam Breeds and Varieties

Bantam chickens have a strong appeal to grown people and to children alike. Interest in them is widespread. They are bred extensively for exhibition and are kept also as pets and as utility fowl. The standard breeds and varieties of bantams include such a wide range of shape, color, and other characteristics that any individual taste can be suited…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: IV. The Ornamental Breeds and Varieties

The ornamental breeds and varieties of chickens often have an unusual appeal, and a breeder who may be first attracted to such fowls by their unusual plumage or form may later develop a flock which has decided utility value. Thus the keeping of ornamental breeds and varieties of chickens contributes to pleasure and the possibility of ample reward…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: III. The Asiatic, English, and French Classes

THE BREEDS of chickens included in the Asiatic, English, and French classes are in the main of a relatively large size, and have been developed primarily as meat breeds. They are not so commonly kept in this country as either the general-purpose or the egg breeds. The best-known meat breeds in the United States are those of the Asiatic class.…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: II. The Mediterranean and Continental Classes


EGG production doubtless is the leading branch of poultry keeping, and, in addition, is a very important agricultural activity. According to the last census the eggs produced in the United States in 1909 numbered more than 1,591,000,000 dozens, with a value of more than $306,000,000. Eggs, of course, are produced…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: I. The American Class

The American class includes the Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Java, Dominique, Rhode Island Red, and Buckeye.

The fowls of these breeds are commonly called general- purpose fowls, because they are not only good egg producers but their carcasses are also well suited for the table. They are therefore the breeds best suited for the general farm flock,…

The Home Chicken Flock

The home chicken flock usually is kept for egg production. It should provide fresh eggs during most of the year.

Before you decide to start a laying flock, you should find out about the zoning ordinances in your area ; if you live in a large city or a suburb, they may forbid poultry keeping.

Marketing Eggs by Parcel Post

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Whether the marketing of eggs by parcel post should be attempted by any particular producer will depend on his present available markets, the possibility of securing a satisfactory customer or customers, and the care taken to follow tested and approved methods in preparing the eggs for shipment. Failures in attempting to ship eggs by parcel post…

How to Buy Poultry

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The highest quality is U.S. Grade A.

Grade A birds are
• fully fleshed and meaty
• well finished
• attractive in appearance

Grade B birds may be:
• less attractive in finish and appearance.
• slightly lacking in meatiness

Grade B is seldom printed on poultry labels. U.S. grades apply to five kinds of…

Home Canning of Meat

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Many families can chicken, beef, and other home-produced meats to help spread the supply through the year.

With canned meat on the shelf, you'll quickly have a savory stew, meat pie, or many another good dish . . . timesavers for busy days.

Directions given here tell how to can meat safely and so as to hold food value and flavor.

Poultry in Family Meals: A Guide for Consumers

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Flavorful poultry has long been a bargain in good eating. Now it is even more popular because it is available in convenient sizes—chilled or frozen—the year around.

And for meals in a hurry, there's a variety of prepared convenience foods containing poultry.

The mild flavor of chicken combines well with other ingredients and lends itself to…

Poultry Buying Guides for Consumers

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A quarter of a century ago, 1927, saw the small beginning of the present official grading and inspection programs for poultry. From that date on, the U. S. Department of Agriculture has considered the needs and problems of poultry producers and handlers, as well as the interests of consumers, in its work on poultry grading and inspection.


How to Buy Eggs

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Look for the USDA Shield
Select by Grade (Quality)
Select by Size (Weight Classes)

Egg Buying Guides for Consumers

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Are These Egg Facts NEWS To You?
Eggs are valued for their proteins, vitamins, and minerals, any meal of the day, the year round. Like other important protein foods, eggs should be properly handled to protect their quality. Proper handling means cooling the eggs promptly after they are gathered from the hen's nest, and keeping them under…

Poultry as Food

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Poultry has for many centuries supplied a large proportion of the food of civilized man, and in almost every country of the world the poultry industry is an important branch of agriculture. According to the returns of the census for 1900, the total number of chickens, including guinea fowls, on farms in the United States was 233,598,085; the total…

The Agricultural College Editor

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Bulletins and newspapers have been prominently recognized for many years as means of supplying agricultural information. Only recently, however, have administrators realized that the preparation of information for popular use requires the services of a trained specialist - a specialist not only with a facility for explaining scientific facts in…

More Poultry Needed

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Standard-bred poultry increases production and improves the quality.

Healthy, vigorous breeders produce strong chicks.

Early hatched pullets produce fall and winter eggs.


Homemade Poultry Appliances For Poultry Club Members

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THE EXHIBITION or show coop illustrated on the front page can be easily made and is for the use of poultry club members in exhibiting fowls at county and school fairs or other exhibitions. It should not be used for shipping poultry but may be used to take the birds to the show if carried by wagon or other vehicle. It can be made from a dry goods…

Poultry Management

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FIRST ATTEMPTS at poultry raising should begin in a small
way with a few fowls, and before large investments are made the business should be learned thoroughly. Mistakes will be made and many difficult problems will be presented for solution before any large measure of success will be attained. As soon as the…