Killing Hogs and Curing Pork



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CHOICE HAM AND BREAKFAST BACON can be produced by the farmer for much less than the cost of purchased meat.

The cheapest meat a farmer can use is the product of his own farm.

This is also true of the suburban or town farmer who fattens one or two hogs on kitchen and truck-garden wastes.

Many farmers, for the first time, this year will have their own meat supply.

Home-cured pork of the right kind always has a ready market and in many cases it will prove the best way to market hogs.

The home curing of pork is a good practice and should be more extensively adopted.

This publication explains how to slaughter hogs and cure pork. Butchering and cutting up the carcass, lard rendering, brine and dry curing, smoking, and sausage making are all discussed in the following pages.


Killing Hogs and Curing Pork