Dry Beans, Peas, Lentils: Modern Cookery



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Most cooks are old friends with some particular kind of dry bean or pea, or with the lentil. They like to cook and season it some favorite way.

But in markets today you may find wide variety to choose from: Kidney beans . . . limas . . . Great Northerns . . . pintos . . . pea beans . . . split and whole peas . . . lentils . . . others perhaps.

So, if you want to know beans, have cooking and eating acquaintance with a number of kinds, and ways of seasoning and combining them with other foods in savory dishes.

Foods of the dry-bean family — as they are sometimes called, for short — were once extra-slow to prepare in home kitchens. But times change, and cooking does also. This booklet gives methods of soaking and cooking based on research in this Bureau's laboratories. You'll find more than one short cut that makes the handy-to-keep bean also handy to cook.

All recipes in this booklet have been developed or adapted by research methods, to arrive at up-to-date, dependable directions.


Dry Beans, Peas, Lentils: Modern Cookery


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