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The National Agricultural Library (NAL) hosts special events both virtually and at the library.

Past Events

  • Locating Black Stories at the National Agricultural Library (2024)

    Inaugural NAL Scholar in Residence, Dr. Bobby Smith, II, talks about his experience doing archival research at NAL to recover stories around Black people's historical relationship to agriculture via the USDA. Commentary provided by Dr. Lopez Matthews, State Archivist and Public Records Administrator for the District of Columbia. 

  • Tribal Research Partnerships: Indigenous Agroforestry, Food Security and Sovereignty

    This webinar highlighted opportunities and challenges of transdisciplinary approaches within Tribal agroforestry and food security research. The panel included a diversity of Tribal, Academic, Non-Governmental Organization, and US Department of Agriculture transdisciplinary research approaches, how and in what ways this research is serving tribal communities, and overcoming challenges. Panelists shared information about what processes foster success among research partnership teams and highlighted the role of partners in large-scale projects.

  • Stakeholder Listening Sessions Regarding Increasing Public Access to the Results of USDA-funded Research (2023-2024)

    USDA sought public input on its plans for enhancing policy, infrastructure, and outreach to make result of the research it funds more readily available and accessible by the public.

  • Transdisciplinary Approaches Webinar Series (2023-2024)

    Webinar series highlighting opportunities and challenges of transdisciplinary approaches within agricultural research.

    • August 2023: What They Are and Why They’re Important
    • December 2023: The Science of Team Science
    • March 2024: Lessons Learned from Teams Using Transdisciplinary Approaches
    • May 2024: Tribal Research Partnerships: Indigenous Agroforestry, Food Security and Sovereignty
  • Zea mays L. | Maize | Corn: Its Science, Culture, and Cuisine (2022)

    NAL hosted a three-part webinar series that highlighted global food staples and the intersections of global cuisines with USDA research, social sciences, and history. The series focused  on maize and corn and its past, present, and future role in food, culture, and society. Key areas of focus for the series was sustainability, environmental justice, social justice, and nutrition security. 

  • Wheat! A 3-Part Webinar Series (2021)

    The National Agricultural Library hosted a three-part webinar series exploring the intersection between food, agriculture, and society, as a bridge to learning about world cultures.