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The National Agricultural Library (NAL) hosts special events both virtually and at the library.

Past Events

  • Transdisciplinary Approaches Webinar Series

    Webinar series highlighting opportunities and challenges of transdisciplinary approaches within agricultural research:

    • August 2023: Transdisciplinary Approaches: What They Are and Why They’re Important

  • Zea mays L. | Maize | Corn: Its Science, Culture, and Cuisine (2022)

    NAL hosted a three-part webinar series that highlighted global food staples and the intersections of global cuisines with USDA research, social sciences, and history. The series focused  on maize and corn and its past, present, and future role in food, culture, and society. Key areas of focus for the series was sustainability, environmental justice, social justice, and nutrition security. 

  • Wheat! A 3-Part Webinar Series (2021)

    The National Agricultural Library hosted a three-part webinar series exploring the intersection between food, agriculture, and society, as a bridge to learning about world cultures. 

  • Rice! An Exploration of Cultural Expression with Scholars and Chefs (2020)

    NAL hosted a three-part webinar series in July 2020 that explored the intersection between food and culture, as a bridge to learning about world cultures. Review the agenda and find readings and recipes selected for this event

  • Soils in the Classroom - Unearthed (2015)

    On August 19, 2015, NAL hosted an event to celebrate the donation of an “antique” soil samples collection that was tucked away in a classroom cabinet and recently discovered by a science teacher in New Jersey. Discover soils in the Library's collection.

  • Celebrating America’s Unique Apple Diversity: A Roundtable Discussion Featuring Some of America’s Leading Apple Experts (2010)

    To mark the Year of the Heirloom Apple, on September 17, 2010, the Library hosted a discussion panel of American apple growers, including Dr. Gary Nabhan, Ben Watson, Nick Botner, Tom Burford, John Bunker, Dan Bussey, and Lee Calhoun. View the bibliography in the NAL Digital Collections about heirloom apples created for this event.