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Animal Health and Welfare

Positive health and welfare are important for an animal's mental and physical needs. Find selected resources on humane animal care (e.g., proper nutrition, housing, and environment, as well as, prevention of pain, suffering, disease, and disability).

Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines

In the United States, concern about the care of animals is reflected in public policy & legislation.

Key Products and Services

Animal Welfare Act Historical Digital Collection (AWAHDC)

The AWAHDC contains publications related to the Animal Welfare Act which fall into three categories: legislative history, regulatory history, and USDA publications.

Workshops on Meeting the Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act

AWIC's free virtual and in-person workshops focus on the Animal Welfare Act and its requirements, 3Rs alternatives, and alternatives literature searching. Customizable trainings are also available upon request. 

3Rs Alternatives Literature Search Support

AWIC provides free alternatives literature searching services, as well as instruction and best practices for performing an alternatives literature search. Find resources such as pre-made search strings on animal welfare and animal use alternatives.

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