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Snail and Slug Control

University of California. Agriculture and Natural Resources.

These California Statewide IPM Program guidelines describe how snails and slugs damage plants and offer methods for eliminating or managing these plant pests. Snail and slug management techniques include landscape and garden planning, handpicking, traps, barriers, natural enemies, and baits. Contact the local Extension Service in your State for more information.


Snails in the Classroom

Mollusk Decision Matrix  ( pdf | 15 kb )

USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

"The Mollusk Decision Matrix may be used as a guideline for educators when deciding which snails or slugs to use in their classroom. The matrix lists ten snail and slug species and the specific states in which the USDA will authorize interstate movement."   For assistance, contact your State Plant Regulatory Office or the APHIS Pest Permit Evaluation Unit.

Provides facts, lessons and learning activities about garden and pond snails for teachers and children. Grades K-6.