Specialty Crops

White eggplant in field. USDA ARS Photo by Peggy Greb.
Find information about those fruits and vegetables with special character - those passed down through generations, valued by a specific culture or grown for their unique appeal.

University of Kentucky. College of Agriculture.

Provides production and marketing information on specialty crops and value-added versions of current crops.

Pennsylvania State University. Cooperative Extension Service.

Production and budget information for a variety of fruit and vegetable crops.

Washington State University. Research and Cooperative Extension Service Center.

A collection of research and technical publications, Web links, recipes, photographs and more. Covers crops such as baby corn, broccolini®, culinary poppy, edamame, luffa gourds, pea shoots, spelt, wasabi, and zucchetta.

North Carolina State University.

A resource for farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers within the specialty crops market that provides crop production information, marketing reports and articles featuring crops that have not been commercially grown in the Southeast region of the United States.

University of Nebraska. Cooperative Extension Service.

University and government publications about fruit and vegetable crops, farm sprayer equipment and specialty grain crops.