Water-saving Irrigation Techniques

USDA. NAL. Water and Agriculture Information Center.

A collection of bibliographies and links to information about irrigation as related to agriculture and water quality.

USDA. NRCS. National Water and Climate Center.

Provides information on irrigation-related water management models, components, facts and statistics, training, science and research, handbooks and manuals, discussion groups, photographs, NRCS experts and additional information Web sites.

Texas A&M University. Texas Water Resources Institute.

Provides information about ongoing projects and education and training opportunities and access to other University published irrigation literature by topic area and institution.

Auburn University. Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

A collection of online documents covering irrigation energy and planning requirements, farm and wastewater irrigation systems, water resource development and microirrigation.

North Dakota State University. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department.

Find information about irrigation and chemigation workshops and research, crop water use maps and tables, the irrigation newsletter Water Spouts, irrigation and crop production Extension publications and irrigation Web links.