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Standards and Guidelines

American Humane Association.

Links to standards and checklists for American Humane Association’s Humane HeartlandTM farm animal welfare program.

National Milk Producers Federation.

This manual is an educational resource on best management practices for animal care issues including animal health, facilities and environment, nutrition, and transportation and handling of dairy cattle.

American Sheep Industry Association

Published in 2006, these guidelines for sheep producers are intended to minimize animal stress and improve the health and well-being of sheep.

Animal Welfare Institute.

Humane husbandry standards are outlined for pigs, cattle, ducks, rabbits, and sheep. Housing, diet, health, and transport of animals are addressed.

Global Animal Partnership.

Referred to as the GAP 5-Step program, there are animal welfare rating standards now available for beef cattle, broiler chickens, and pigs.