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Beverly Thomas Galloway Papers


The Papers of Beverly Thomas Galloway, 1891-1995, occupy 4 linear feet, or 9 manuscript boxes, 218 folders, and 400 items. The collection was donated to the National Agricultural Library on December 7, 1970 by Robert T. Galloway, the grandson of B.T. Galloway. Robert T. Galloway made an additional donation of a photograph album on October 25, 1995. Materials are in good condition. The collection was arranged and described by Yaroslav Senyk, 1996-1997 USIA/IREX Freedom Support Act Program Fellow.

Finding Aid File


Biographical Sketch

October 16, 1863 - Born in Millersburg, Missouri

1880-1884 - Student, Agricultural College, State University of Missouri; employed in the college's horticultural department; investigated plant diseases

1884 - Received Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences Degree from the University of Missouri

1884-1987 - Researched plant diseases for the State Horticultural Society; entered horticultural department of the agricultural college as an Assistant; wrote about plant diseases and various agricultural problems in Colman's Rural World and other agricultural papers of the state

August 1887 - Assistant Plant Pathologist, Section of Mycology, Division of Botany, U.S. Department of Agriculture

1888 - Became Chief of the Section of Vegetable Pathology; first investigations were of fungus infections of grapevines and of the peach yellows disease

1890- 1900 - Chief, Division of Vegetable Pathology (from 1895-Division of Vegetable Physiology and Pathology); also- Superintendent of Gardens and Grounds

October 1, 1900 - Director, Office of Plant Industry

July 1, 1901 - Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) reorganized by merging different divisions, offices, and sections. B.T.Galloway as Chief

March 17, 1913 - July 31, 1914 - Assistant Secretary of Agriculture

August, 1914 -1916 - Dean and Director, New York College of Agriculture and Experimental Station, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

1916 - Returned to the BPI as a Senior Plant Pathologist

1933 - Retired as a Principal Pathologist

June 13, 1938 - Died at age of 75

Scope and Content Note

This collection comprises 4 linear feet of the papers of Beverly Thomas Galloway (1863-1938) and spans the years 1891-1995, the bulk of which falls into the time period of 1891-1933. The material relates almost entirely to his work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The papers are in good condition and arranged in thirteen series.

The collection consists of manuscripts of his published and unpublished writings (chiefly, typescripts of the same period); pamphlets; clippings; a corrected galley; other USDA publications, including many with Galloway's articles; reports (1897-1935); speeches, addresses, lectures (1891-1927); two notebooks dating from 1916 and 1917; loose-leaf manuscripts (28 pp.) of his scientific notes; correspondence (1914-1937) related to his professional activities, major areas of research, and his interest in plant diseases and plant introduction; biographical information (1914-1938); a photograph album (1914) from 1914 with 60 photographs dating 1886-1893 representing Galloway and his colleagues and their activities in the Section of Plant Pathology; and a few other photographs.

The articles and reports (Series III) reflect the research activities of Galloway as plant pathologist, and later as Chief of the Bureau of Plant Industry in the Department of Agriculture. He propagated the activities of the Bureau of Plant Industry, and discussed many agricultural issues of the American nation. His publications became especially numerous when he was Assistant Secretary of Agriculture (1913-14) and Dean of the New York State College of Agriculture, Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Subjects of his publications include diseases of plants, protection of plants against alien enemies, marketing problems, and physiological and biochemical studies of plant pollens and their relation to certain allergic diseases. Two articles were devoted to reminiscences about his colleagues (G.C.Roeding, W.A.Taylor). After returning to BPI in 1916 his reports and articles deal with organization of plant introduction gardens, foreign seed and plant introduction (avocado, apples, pears, timber bamboo, quetta nectarine, banana, sugar cane), etc. Within this series, some typewritten papers are not dated and the date was restored from the handwritten notes made by B.T.Galloway or by someone who filed the papers.

The speeches, addresses, and lectures (Series IV) discuss issues on plant diseases and their treatment; progress in plant pathology in 1880-1900, early development of plant industry work; early history of plant introduction; evolution of research in USDA, its relation to agricultural colleges, to other agricultural organizations, and also to the farmer; industrial progress in plant work; relations of the farmer to education; cooperation in agriculture, problems of agricultural extension; farm management; future of the farms; distribution and marketing of fruits; seed trade; tropical horticulture; rice growing; and blight-resistant chestnuts, cost of potato production, sketches of foreign farming, etc.

Galloway wrote letters (Series VI) to the following individuals: Henry S. Bernton, John W. Crowe, P.H. Dorsett, David G. Fairchild, A. Keathley, James F. Kelley, Rodney Cline, A.R. Lawton, E.A. McIlhenny, O.B. Martin, Frank Park, Wilson Popenoe, A.F. Sievers, and Robert Young. There are letters written to him by John W. Crowe; D.F. Houston, Secretary of Agriculture; George E. Rines, editor of Encyclopedia Americana; Edward Simmons; W.A. Taylor; agronomist C.W. Warburton; and G.W. Wharton; and Robert Young.

A large group of materials relate to the history of the Department of Agriculture, its buildings and grounds, and Plant Introduction Gardens (Series IX). Types of material include publications of employees from the Bureau of Plant Industry and other offices, series publications of the Department of Agriculture, and three scrapbooks for 1896 (112 pp.), 1908 (160 pp.), and ca. 1909-1913 (160 pp.) of newspaper clippings on agricultural issues.

The following abbreviations are used in the finding aid and are located mainly in the Correspondence Series. They are based on Glossary for Archivists, Manuscript Curators, and Records Managers compiled by L.J. Bellardo and L.L. Bellardo. Chicago: SAA, 1992.

AD: autographed document unsigned (i.e. unsigned document in the hand of the author)

ADS: autographed document signed by the author

AL: autographed letter unsigned

ALS: autographed letter signed by the author

Ams: autographed manuscript

AmsS: autographed manuscript signed by the author

AN: autographed note

BPI: Bureau of Plant Industry

BTG: Beverly Thomas Galloway

Clip.: clipping

DS: document signed by the author (not in the hand of author)

Dupl.: duplicate

L: letter

Ms: manuscript

N: note (a brief informal letter or message)

n.d.: no date

n.p.: no place

n.y.: no year

p., pp.: page, pages

S: signed by the author

TDS: typewritten document signed by the author

TLS: typewritten letter signed by the author

TMs: typewritten manuscript

TMsS: typewritten manuscript signed by the author

U.: University

USDA: U.S. Department of Agriculture

vol.: volume

W., DC: Washington, DC.

Additional information written by the author on the manuscript (typescript) or on the publication is included into forward slashes / /.

Information added by the arranger from various sources (correspondence, publications, reference sources) is included into square brackets [ ].

Series Description


Contains a biographical essay, written presumably in 1914, describing the career of B.T. Galloway until his position as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, a resolution of the Board of Trustees of Cornell University on the resignation of Dean B.T.Galloway, a USDA press release about Galloway's retirement, and an obituary. It is arranged chronologically. 4 items.

SERIES II. NOTEBOOKS (1916-1933, n.d.). 11 items.

Includes his two notebooks dating from 1916 (164 pp.) and 1917 (72 pp.) and 28 pages of manuscripts, presumably his drafts of scientific notes; 21 bibliographic cards; and some separate notes, extracts (17 pp.).

SERIES III. REPORTS AND ARTICLES (1897-1935, n.d.). 81 items.

Consists of typewritten texts, typescripts of publications, drafts of writings, and published scientific articles and reports (1897-1935). The series is arranged chronologically by years of writing or publishing.

SERIES IV. SPEECHES, ADDRESSES AND LECTURES (1891-1927, n.d.). 53 items.
BOX 3-4, FOLDERS 70-111

Contains his typewritten copies of speeches, addresses and lectures during 1891-1927. A large number were published in public and professional periodicals, some were issued as separate pamphlets. It is arranged chronologically by years of writing or publishing. Papers without date are put at the end of the series in alphabetical order.

SERIES V. PRINTED MATERIAL (1891-1928). 45 items.
BOX 4, FOLDERS 112-155

  • Subseries Va. Publications (1891-1928). 14 items.
    BOX 4, FOLDERS 112-125
  • Includes scientific papers by B.T. Galloway published as separate USDA publications (brochures) (chiefly 1891-1897, 1913-1928) on fungous diseases of the grape, potato diseases, diseases of shade and ornamental trees, experiments on treatment of plant diseases, water as a factor in the growth of plants, suppression of insect and plant diseases by legislation, functions and efficiency of the Bureau Plant Industry, the search for blight-resistant chestnuts, and bamboos and bamboo culture. The series also contains corrected galley of the article Looking Forward in Agriculture in the 1916 Cornell University edition of "Cornell Reading Courses." The publications are arranged chronologically.

  • Subseries Vb. Clippings (1893-1916). 31 items.
    BOX 4, FOLDERS 126-155
  • Includes clippings of articles by B.T. Galloway published in various popular and professional periodicals (1893-1916) on fungus diseases, diseases of geranium, sterility of pear and apple flowers, potato diseases, treatment of black rot of grape, USDA and the development of the Middle East, tobacco crop, violet growing, flower growing as a business, school garden work in Washington, DC, farm and business, orange growing on the Gulf coast poultry yard, and diseases of the grape-vine. Folders 152-154 contain some magazine articles by Galloway that do not have bibliographic information. Subjects include farming under glass, profits of garden and orchard, a new farmer and a new earth. Materials are arranged by form of publication and then chronologically.

SERIES VI. CORRESPONDENCE (1914-1937). 51 items.
BOX 4, FOLDERS 156-158

Contains correspondence of Galloway from 1914-1937. Includes drafts or carbon copy letters written by B.T. Galloway, original typewritten letters or copies of the letters sent to him, and two copies of letters to David G. Fairchild. The series is arranged chronologically:

Correspondence (1914-1926). Folder 156:
Consists of letters (drafts and carbon copies) written by B.T. Galloway to Henry S. Bernton, John W. Crowe, P.H. Dorsett, David G. Fairchild, James F. Kelley, E.A. McIlhenny, Frank Park, Wilson Popenoe, and A.F. Sievers. His correspondents include John W. Crowe; D.F. Houston, Secretary of Agriculture; George E. Rines, editor of Encyclopedia Americana; agronomist C.W. Warburton; and G.W. Wharton (letters or typewritten copies).

Correspondence (1928). Folder 157:
Includes letters of B.T. Galloway to A. Keathley; A.R. Lawton; O.B. Martin; Secretary of Agriculture; and Robert Young. Letters to B.T. Galloway are written by Edward Simmons, W.A. Taylor, and Robert Young. Also, there are copies of letters by H. Cayeaux, France, and A.R. Lawton to David G. Fairchild.

Correspondence (1930-1937). Folder 158:
Contains letters by B.T. Galloway to Rodney Cline, Nashville; letters to B.T.Galloway by Bristow Adams; Assistant Chief of BPI; J.S. Broderick, Arthur P. Chew, and William A. Taylor.

SERIES VII. PHOTOGRAPHS (1902-1934, n.d.). 14 items.
BOX 5-6, FOLDERS 159-168

Includes a Photo Album presented to B.T. Galloway on the occasion of his leaving the Department of Agriculture by his colleagues in May 1914. 60 photographs dating 1886-1893 represent the early activities of the Section of Plant Pathology. Pictures of B.T. Galloway, D.G. Fairchild, E.F. Smith, N.B. Pierce, and others. The modern negative and positive prints of all the photographs are housed with the originals. Also included in this series are pictures of trees in China (1902); Chapman Field in Savannah, Georgia after the hurricane (1928); two pictures of the building and the grounds of USDA in Washington, DC; picture of Horticultural Station in Beltsville, MD, erected in 1934; Plant detention house of the Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction; pictures of pollen-bearing plants; pictures of cottonseed in Texas; and panoramic pictures of the hotel in France(?). Materials are arranged by subject and chronologically.

SERIES VIII. MEMORANDA (1904-1935). 57 items.
BOX 6, FOLDERS 169-172

Contains 57 memoranda (partly, typewritten carbon copies) sent by or received by Galloway, and associated with his scientific and administrative activities in the Bureau of Plant Industry and Department of Agriculture from 1904-1936. They are grouped chronologically into four folders. Memoranda in most cases are accompanied by correspondence (letters, notes) related to the discussed topics: development of Plant Introduction, Quarantine, and Detention Stations; beginning of the Bell, MA Plant Introduction Station; closing of Brooksville, FL Plant Introduction Garden; plant immigrants; disease of poplars and willow at the Chico Field Station; and wind-blown or hay-fever pollen plants; etc.

BOX 6, FOLDERS 173-212

Materials are arranged chronologically and by type of material. They are grouped into five Subseries:

  • Subseries IX. 1. History of U.S. Department of Agriculture Grounds and Buildings (1919-1931). 4 items.
    BOX 6, FOLDER 173
  • Contains a typewritten manuscript by Amanda A. Newton regarding her grandfather Honorable Isaac Newton, first U.S. Commissioner of Agriculture, and also Agricultural Department buildings and grounds; two documents describing the grounds and buildings of the Department; and an article by W.A. Taylor outlining the Department of Agriculture activities in Washington, DC in 1862-1921.

  • Subseries IX. 2. 25th Anniversary of Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction (1922). 3 items.
    BOX 6, FOLDER 174
  • Consists of an "Appreciation inscribed to David Fairchild by the members of his office on this occasion", "Notes prepared for an informal address" and "Note prepared on this occasion for the official record".

  • Subseries IX. 3. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry Papers (1897-1937, n.d.). 33 items.
    BOX 6, FOLDERS 175-209

    • Subseries IX. 3.1. U.S. Department of Agriculture Papers (1914?- 1937, n.d.). 12 items.
      BOX 6, FOLDERS 175-187
    • Includes typewritten documents and reports issued in the USDA Bureau of Plant Industry offices (chiefly, Office of Foreign Plant Introduction) reflecting its various activities: Foreign Plant Introduction Gardens, Field stations, and history of Plant Introduction, etc. Also included is the first issue of The F.P.I. Activator, a bulletin issued by the USDA Office of Foreign Plant Introduction on October 15, 1928.

    • Subseries IX. 3.2. Publications (brochures) of the USDA Bureau of Plant Industry Staff (1897-1933). 12 items.
      BOX 6, FOLDERS 188-199
    • The brochures were prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) and were issued mainly as BPI Bulletins (1904-1933). Included also are three brochures with lectures and an address by Erwin F. Smith on plant pathology and plant breeding (1897-1907).

    • Subseries IX. 3.3. Unpublished Papers of U.S. Department of Agriculture Staff (1916-1933, 9 items, n.d.).
      BOX 7, FOLDERS 200-209
    • Consists of typewritten papers of the Bureau of Plant Industry and other divisions regarding Foreign Plant Introduction, Plant Introduction Gardens, plant diseases, tannin plants, etc.

  • Subseries IX. 4. USDA Series Publications (1922-1935). 28 items.
    BOX 7, FOLDER 210-211

  • Subseries IX. 4.1. Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction. Plant Immigrants. Circulars. (1922-1924). 8 items.
    BOX 7, FOLDER 210
  • Contains brochures of Plant Immigrants, a circular bulletin, issued by the Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction in order "to strengthen its bonds of cooperation with other offices of the BPI." Brief notes on the new plant arrivals to the Office were published in the brochures.

  • Subseries IX. 4.2. USDA. Office of Information. Press Service. Press-Releases. 1931-1935. 20 items.
    BOX 7, FOLDER 211

  • Subseries IX.5. Clipping "Farm Companies", from Sunday Call, June 5,1910. 1 item.
    BOX 7, FOLDER 212.

SERIES X. Scrapbooks (1896, 1908, 1909-1913). 3 items.
BOXES 7-9, FOLDERS 213-215

X. 1. 1896 Scrapbook (112 pp., table of contents) with 23 magazine and newspaper articles and reports. Includes some articles by Galloway on fruit culture in Maryland, fruit interests of Eastern Tennessee, report of the Chief of Division of Vegetable Physiology and Pathology.


X. 2. 1908 Scrapbook (160 pp.) contains newspaper clippings from Retailer and Wholesaler.


X. 3. 1909-1913 Scrapbook (160 pp.) contains cut materials from printed items in newspapers on various topics in agriculture and business.



Includes the pamphlet "America Must Choose" by Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture in 1933-1940; the brochure on the Agricultural Adjustment Act by M. Ezekiel and L.H. Bean; transcript from the radio program "America Must Choose" over WJZ and NBS in March 1934 - all touching on the New Deal. Included also are two newspaper clippings.


Contains the typewritten Minutes (78 pp.) of the Interdepartmental Advisory Committee for the National Defense from March 29 untill August 24, 1917. B.T. Galloway was a Member of the above-mentioned Committee.


Consists of a letter by G.W. Irwing to R.T. Galloway (Oct.1970) regarding comments on the book by the latter about his grandfather and a letter by Robert T. Galloway to Pamela Andre, Director of NAL (Oct. 1995), regarding the donation of his grandfather's papers and photographs to the Library.

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