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DigiTop: Proxy and Off-Network Access

DigiTop is a service of the National Agricultural Library (NAL) that delivers licensed electronic resources to authorized USDA users.

Access to DigiTop is restricted to USDA employees, contractors, cooperators, and volunteers working on behalf of USDA, and onsite visitors at NAL.

You may have reached this page because:

  1. You have proxy login access to DigiTop.

    Log in with your proxy account

  2. You are not connected to the USDA network/VPN.

  3. You are connected to the USDA network/VPN, but DigiTop is not recognizing your browser configuration. 
Are you having trouble connecting?
  1. Check your connection.

    Make sure your computer is connected to the USDA network/VPN.

  2. Clear your browser's history/cache, then try to access DigiTop again.

  3. Ask your IT staff.

    Check with your local IT staff to ensure your computer is properly configured.

    IT staff will verify that your computer is located within a USDA domain or has a USDA-issued IP address.

  4. If you are using Proxy, confirm your connection, id and password.
    • Verify that you are connected to DigiTop Proxy
    • Verify that you are using the correct ID.
    • Verify that you are using the correct password.


  5. If trouble persists, contact DigiTop.

    If you are still unable to access our services, contact DigiTop for assistance. [Select Topical Area=DigiTop].

    Provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
    • City and state where you work
    • Your IP address. [Located on]
    • A description of the problem and the steps you have tried to remedy it.
Do you need a Proxy Account?

Who is eligible for a Proxy account?

USDA employees and some collaborators working on behalf of USDA who want to use DigiTop from outside a USDA network may request a proxy account.

  1. USDA employees working outside the USDA network:
    • Primary work location, such as working from home or if stationed on a college campus, prevents access to DigiTop via the USDA network;
    • Computer limitations prevent access to the USDA network; or
    • Short-term access during official travel without access to the USDA network.
  2. USDA collaborators such as contractors, volunteers or cooperators:
    • Working on behalf of USDA, and
    • do not have a federal computer with access to the USDA network/VPN.


Email to request a proxy account.

Please provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Your agency
  • Work phone number
  • Work e-mail address
  • City and state where you work
  • Justification for proxy access