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Agricultural Subsidies

The government provides agricultural subsidies  monetary payments and other types of support to farmers or agribusinesses.  While some subsidies are given to promote specific farming practices, others focus on research and development, conservation practices, disaster aid, marketing, nutrition assistance, risk mitigation, and more. 

On this page, find legislation, USDA programs, historical information, data, and other pertinent resources.


Economic Research Service


Publications, data, graphs, and FAQs on U.S. agricultural policy, Farm Bill provisions, risk management, and other topics.

USDA Price Support


Links to USDA programs and forms, rate information, notices and regulations, and price reports.


Tools, contacts, and information on USDA programs and resources pertinent to USDA loans, disaster assistance, risk management, conservation, and more.

External Links Relevant for Agricultural Subsidies

  • 2018 Farm Bill (

    Information, brochures, and tools for farmers, ranchers, and forest managers describing available USDA programs on conservation, disaster assistance, farm production, loans, risk management, and more.

  • USDA Farm Service Agency

    FSA provides access to capital to fund agricultural operations, risk mitigation assistance, disaster recovery resources, and other programs and services for agricultural businesses.

  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

    NRCS provides funding and technical assistance to help landowners and agricultural producers implement conservation practices to improve their land.

  • USDA Risk Management Agency

    RMA assists agricultural producers obtain and utilize tools to manage farm risk, including Federal crop insurance policies for crops and livestock in the United States.

Historical, Legislative and Data Resources

External Links Relevant for Agricultural Subsidies

Selected Books

Contact your local library to borrow books.
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    Read online
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