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Tribal Research Partnerships: Indigenous Agroforestry, Food Security and Sovereignty

  • Special Event

Join us for a webinar series highlighting opportunities and challenges of transdisciplinary approaches within Tribal agroforestry and food security research. The panel will include a diversity of Tribal, Academic, Non-Governmental Organization, and US Department of Agriculture transdisciplinary research approaches, how and in what ways this research is serving tribal communities, and overcoming challenges. Panelists will share information about what processes fosters success among research partnership teams, and highlights the role of partners in large-scale projects.


This event is part of the Transdisciplinary Approaches webinar series.

Moderator/Co-organizer: Frank K. Lake, USDA Forest Service

May 29, 2024 2:00PM - 3:30PM

All events listed in Eastern Time (US and Canada).


If you need an accommodation to attend, please contact us five business days in advance.


Jennifer Sowerwine

Associate Professor of Cooperative Extension, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, University of California, Berkeley

Vikki Preston

Cultural Resources Tech lll, Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources

Heather Rickard

Plants Program coordinator. Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources

Kathy McCovey

Karuk Cultural Practitioner and NIFA AFRI and other food security project mentor and research partner

Stephanie Gutierrez

Forest and Community Program Director, EcoTrust. Current Principal Investigator lead for a NIFA funded/supported PNW Tribal Agroforestry project

About the Transdisciplinary Approaches Webinar Series

Presented by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the National Agricultural Library

Join us for a new webinar series highlighting opportunities and challenges of transdisciplinary approaches within agricultural research. Many of the problems facing agriculture are multifaceted, and traditional disciplinary boundaries may limit our ability to address them. Additionally, agricultural research has broad implications, affecting economics, social dynamics, and the environment. Transdisciplinary approaches is a critical tool for tackling agronomic issues. It can address complex challenges that single-disciplinary approaches are not able to solve, increase the likelihood of new practice adoption, and avoid potential unintended consequences of more narrowly investigated findings.

The increased need for large-scale solutions to complex agricultural problems has led to new, large-scale funding opportunities that require applicants to develop transdisciplinary research proposals that tackle program priorities in new ways. However, because of the novel nature of transdisciplinary approaches and challenges associated with transdisciplinary research, adoption of these practices and teams is limited.

This webinar series is targeted at researchers to better understand strategies for implementing transdisciplinary approaches, team building, and overcoming challenges, and university administrators to better support novel transdisciplinary teams and their research.