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This series primarily comprises the annual reports of USDA departmental agencies. Also included are telephone books and other personnel directories, regulations, forms, and leaflets. Agencies represented include the Bureau of Animal Industry, Bureau of Dairy Industry, Bureau of Plant Industry, Office of Agricultural Experiment Stations, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Surplus Marketing Administration, Agricultural Marketing Administration, Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Production & Marketing Administration, Resettlement Administration, and the Soil Conservation Service.

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[Preliminary List. Arranged chronologically for each agency.]

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Bureau of Animal Industry 1905, 1939-1953
Bureau of Dairy Industry 1939-1953
Bureau of Plant Industry (...Soils, etc.) 1939-1951
Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and Engineering 1939-1942
Bureau of Agricultural & Industrial Chemistry 1943-1953
Chief of Office of Agricultural Experiment Stations 1940-1943
Agricultural Experiment Stations 1943-1958
Agricultural Research Administration 1950-1953
Chief of Office of Farm Management
Farm Management & Farm Economics 1916-1922
Bureau of Markets & Crop Estimates 1922
Bureau of Agricultural Economics 1923-1925
Director of Office of Marketing Services 1945
Administrator of Surplus Marketing Administration 1941
Administrator of Agricultural Marketing Administration 1942
Chief of Agricultural Marketing Services 1939-1941

Agricultural Adjustment Administration
Administration of the Agricultural Adjustment Act 1933-1935
Activities of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration 1936-1940
Administrator of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration 1941
Administrator of the Agricultural Conservation & Adjustment Administration 1942
Chief of the Agricultural Adjustment Agency 1942-1945
Associate Administrator of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration in charge of the Division of Marketing & Market Agreements, and the President of the Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation 1939
Administrative Official in Charge of Surplus Removal & Marketing Agreement Programs 1940
Solicitor to the Secretary of Agriculture 1948
Administrator of the Production & Marketing Administration 1946-1953
Production & Marketing Administration National Conference 1947
Administrator of the Research & Marketing Act 1948
Activities under the Research & Marketing Act 1949-1951
Activities under the Agricultural Marketing Act 1952
Administrator of the Resettlement Administration 1937
Director of Personnel 1937-1953
Librarian 1946
Chief of the Soil Conservation Service 1940-1953